Here’s The Trailer for Rings!

Now, I may be alone in this (or, at least, it sometimes feels as if I am) but I absolutely love The Ring.  I wasn’t necessarily a big fan of the sequel but the first Ring remains one of my favorite horror films.  In fact, I may have to revisit it in October for TSL’s annual horror month!

Well, after 11 years, The Ring is finally about to get another sequel!  In Rings, it turns out that the killer video has gone viral, which, now that I think about it, was also a skit on Robot Chicken.  Sadly, Naomi Watts will not be returning for Rings.  In fact, the entire cast pretty much screams VOD.

But no matter!  I will still see Rings the day that it opens.  (That would be October 28th, just in time for Halloween.)

And I’ll probably scream a lot…

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