Here’s The Trailer For Resident Evil: The Final Chapter!

Supposedly, the next Resident Evil film is going to be the final chapter!

It even says so right in the title…

I don’t believe it for a second.  Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is coming out on January 27th, 2017.  I can guarantee that, by no later than August 10th, 2018, I will be sharing a trailer for Resident Evil: A New Beginning.

But until then, here’s the just released trailer for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter!

Here’s Another (!) Trailer For The Sea of Trees!

You know what?

After all the delays and all the negative reviews, I have become rather obsessed with finally getting the chance to actually see Gus Van Sant’s The Sea of Trees.  At this point, it really is a case of simply having to know if it’s truly as bad as people have been saying since last year.

Well, it looks like I’m finally going to get a chance!  The Sea of Trees finally has a release date here in the States and that date is August 26th!

Here’s the latest trailer for The Sea of Trees:


A Soggy Bowl of PULP (United Artists 1972)

cracked rear viewer


They had the hook in me, and I was caught like a large mouth bass. The bait was the stuff my dreams were made of, a heady concoction of gangsters and femmes fatale, of faded Hollywood stars and references to Mickey Spillane and Ross MacDonald. I had let my guard down and plunged headlong into the trap, forgetting you can’t judge a book by its cover, especially one luridly titled PULP.


It all started so promisingly. I was introduced to Mickey King, a second-rate English hack writing under the pseudonym “Guy Strange”, scribbler of paperback trash like “Kill Me Gently” and “My Gun is Long”. Mick’s paid a visit by a gravel-voiced goon called Dinuccio, a Neanderthal throwback who hires the wordsmith to ghost a biography for his mysterious boss. Next thing Mickey knows, he’s on a tour bus and told he’ll be contacted. An American named Miller could be the one, but Miller…

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Music Video of the Day: Jesus Built My Hotrod by Ministry (1991, dir. Paul Elledge)

Now we have reached Ministry’s industrial metal years. This is probably my favorite Ministry songs of the ones I have heard. It’s also both better in music video form, and worse at the same time. It’s worse for a minor reason. The video has him say “Jesus was the devil.” That’s not what he says in the song. In the song it’s “Jerry Lee Lewis was the devil. Jesus was an architect, previous to his career as a prophet.” The one on the song is much better. However, the video does add something I absolutely love. At about three minutes and twenty seconds we get a guy who looks like the man with the horned-rimmed glasses saying “drag racing” several times in a row. This music video seems to throw every repetitious thing they can into the pot to create this hard rocking industrial metal song. This included dialog and imagery. The imagery being something they couldn’t do in a purely audio form.

This time Alain Jourgensen seems happy. In fact, I’d say it’s almost like he’s floating on a cloud as he seemed to be doing literally in the music video for Over The Shoulder. The music video also has that tying in of everything to the theme of the song visually thing going on. This is one of those songs that I would suggest watching in music video form, and not just off of the album.

I don’t really have anything else to say about the video or the song except that I think it’s one of the best music videos I have watched for this ongoing series of posts.

Director Paul Elledge would direct a couple more music videos, but that’s all. He did an excellent job here.