Happy Birthday Huntz Hall: DON’T KILL YOUR FRIENDS (1943)

cracked rear viewer


Today marks the birthday of a definitely acquired taste, Huntz Hall. Born Henry Richard Hall in New York on 8/15/1920, he got his nickname because his large proboscis made him look German, according to his Irish neighborhood friends. Huntz entered show biz at a young age, and by 1935 was starring on Broadway in the hit play DEAD END. The six original cast members (Hall, Leo Gorcey, Billy Halop, Bobby Jordan, Gabriel Dell, Bernard Punsley), collectively known as The Dead End Kids, appeared in the 1937 film version with Joel McCrea, Sylvia Sidney, Claire Trevor, and Humphrey Bogart as the slum kids’ idol, gangster Baby Face Martin. Warner Brothers signed all six boys to contracts and featured them in prestige films like CRIME SCHOOL, ANGELS WITH DIRTY FACES, and THEY MADE ME A CRIMINAL with top stars James Cagney, John Garfield, and Ronald Reagan.


The Kids were a rowdy bunch on-set, wreaking havoc and…

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Music Video of the Day: What’s Up by 4 Non Blondes (1993, dir. Morgan Lawley)

This isn’t just the four o’clock in the morning insomnia speaking. I have no real idea what to say about this music video except that there is so much 90s college rock onscreen I can barely take it. It’s a good, but overplayed song. If you can figure out what exactly director Morgan Lawley was going for, then I’m all ears. It looks like the intent was to capture it to make it look like it is taking place at a local college music destination. That’s my best guess. If you haven’t heard this song before, or wasn’t aware that there was a music video for it, then have a look.