Here’s The Trailer for Potential Oscar Nominee Freeheld!

So, here we are.  Nearly halfway through the year and we’re still waiting for a major Oscar contender to emerge.  There’s been a lot of speculation about films such as Carol, Bridge of Spies, and Suffragette.  However, this month, two new contenders have emerged.

One of those contenders is David O. Russell’s latest tribute to Jennifer Lawrence, Joy.

The other contender is Freeheld, which is based on a true story about lesbian homicide detective (Julianne Moore) who, after being diagnosed with cancer, fought a legal battle to allow her pension benefits to be left to her domestic partner (played by Ellen Page, who is due another Oscar nomination and probably should have won for both Juno and Super).  Along with Page, both Julianne Moore and Steve Carell have been mentioned as possible nominees.

Check out the trailer below.

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