Trailer: London Has Fallen

London Has Fallen, the sequel to Olympus Has Fallenwill not be opening until 2016.  But, until then, we can enjoy this trailer!  It’s fun and exciting in the way that action film trailers often are, promising us a world of thrills that the actual film will probably not deliver.

But until the disillusionment sets in, enjoy this trailer for London Has Fallen!

Trailer: Steve Jobs

To be honest, I’m really only interesting in seeing Steve Jobs because it stars Michael Fassbender and it was directed by Danny Boyle.  I do, however, think it will be interesting to see Seth Rogen in a dramatic role and I’m also curious to see if Kate Winslet can overcome the fact that screenwriter Aaron Sorkin is incapable of writing strong female characters.

(And for those of you about to go, “What about C.J. on The West Wing!?,” don’t.  Just don’t.  First off, everyone always cites C.J. as a strong female character in a Sorkin-penned melodrama and it’s gotten just a little bit boring.  Secondly, I never watched The West Wing because I had and continue to have a life.)

Here’s the latest trailer for the very Oscar baitish Steve Jobs.


Beyond Redemption: 1947’s BORN TO KILL

cracked rear viewer

born to kill

The darker side of man (and woman) is on full display in 1947’s BORN TO KILL. Sex, violence, greed, blackmail, lust, and murder abound in this mean little film. It’s loaded with crackling hard boiled dialogue (example: “You’re the coldest iceberg of a woman I ever saw, with the rottenest insides”) by screenwriters Eve Green and Richard Macauley. BORN TO KILL shows the RKO film noir style at it’s moodiest peak. It’s hard to believe the director is the same man who helmed the sticky sweet Oscar winning THE SOUND OF MUSIC!

Robert Wise got his start in RKO’s sound editing room, graduating to film editor in 1939. He was nominated for Best Editing for Orson Welles’ classic CITIZEN KANE and was soon promoted to the director’s chair, working with producer Val Lewton on psychological horror gems like CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE and THE BODY SNATCHER (with the great terror tandem of Karloff and Lugosi). His resume…

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