What Evelyn and Lisa Marie Watched Last Night #125: I Killed My BFF (dir by Seth Jarrett)

Last night, my best friend forever Evelyn and I watched the latest Lifetime film, I Killed My BFF.

(Watching a movie called I Killed My BFF with my BFF?  How could that possibly go wrong?)



Why Were We Watching It?

Evelyn and I love to watch the Lifetime original series, I Killed My BFF.  For those of you who may not obsess over Lifetime like we do, I Killed My BFF is a true crime show about best friends who end up killing each other.  Each episode features dramatic reenactments and the fun comes from trying to guess which friend will be the murderer and which friend will end up meeting a very gruesome end.

(I know it’s probably in bad taste to refer to a true crime show as being “fun” but … oh well.)

From the minute that Evelyn and I heard that Lifetime would be airing a film version of I Killed My BFF, we simply knew we would have to watch.

(According to the imdb, I Killed My BFF was originally titled The Neighbor.  I’m not sure if it was originally meant to have any connection to the I Killed My BFF series or not.  If I had to guess, I would say that Lifetime bought the film and changed the title to make it appear to be a spin-off of the I Killed My BFF series, in much the same way that Lucio Fulci’s Zombi 2 was specifically titled to fool European audiences into thinking that it was a sequel to George Romero’s Zombi, or Dawn of the Dead as it was known here in the States.)

Also, another reason Evelyn and I were watching the movie together is because that’s what BFFs do!  (Except when they’re busy killing each other, of course….)

What Was It About?

When blonde Shane (Katrina Bowden) meets redheaded Heather (Olivia Crocicchia) at the hospital, shortly after both of them have given birth, they quickly become BFFs.  Unfortunately, they both have their struggles.  Heather is bipolar.  Shane is ambitious but poor.  Of course, their biggest problem is that they are characters in a film called I Killed My BFF and that means that one of them is going to be dead by the end of the movie.

What Worked?

This was actually one of the better Lifetime films that I’ve seen this year.  The film looked great, director Seth Jarrett never allowed the film to drag, and both Katrina Bowden and Olivia Crocicchia gave good performances.  (Olivia Crocicchia, in particular, was heartbreaking in some of her vulnerable moments.)  Even the film’s score was pretty good!  All in all, this film was exactly what we want when we watch a Lifetime true crime movie.

What Did Not Work?

Part of the fun of I Killed My BFF: The Series is that you’re never quite sure which BFF is going to die until the last few minutes of each episode.  Unfortunately, the commercials for I Killed My BFF: The Movie revealed, ahead of time, which BFF was going to die.  They served as a HUGE spoiler.

Though it may seem nitpicky, by the time the murder occurred, Heather and Shane were no longer really friends.  This film should have been called I Killed My Ex-BFF.

“Oh my God!  Just like us!” Moments

Okay, so obviously you know that you’re taking a risk when you and your BFF decide to watch a movie called I Killed My BFF.  But it was still kinda freaky how much Evelyn and I had in common with Shane and Heather.  For instance, Heather had red hair and so do I!  Evelyn has pretty blonde hair and so did Shane!  Heather took a “gazillion meds” and so do I!  Evelyn looks good in red and so did Shane!  It was uncanny and a little disturbing!

After watching the movie, I assured Evelyn that I would never murder her and, after thinking about it for a disturbingly long time, Evelyn agreed that she would probably never murder me.  But then, every episode of I Killed My BFF begins with the BFFs saying the exact same thing!  Listen, I love my BFF but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t spend all night looking over my shoulder.

Lessons Learned

Be careful when it comes to picking a BFF.  Apparently, some people just can’t handle the pressure of being a best friend forever.

I Killed My BFF2

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