Cleaning Out The DVR: I Killed My BFF: The Preacher’s Daughter (dir by Seth Jarrett)

I recorded I Killed My BFF: The Preacher’s Daughter off of Lifetime on April 22nd.

Could you kill your BFF?

I’d like to think I could not.  In fact, as of right now, I have at least six BFFs and I wouldn’t kill a single one of them.  To be honest, I doubt that I’m physically capable of killing any of my BFFs.  Four of them own guns, which would definitely give them an advantage over me.  Way back when I was skipping school and shoplifting makeup, another one of my BFFs was training with the IDF.  I wouldn’t even think of trying to kill her, largely because I love her, she’s like a sister to me, and I’m pretty sure she’s been taught a hundred different ways to stop me.  So no, I would not kill any of my BFFs.  And I wouldn’t kill any of my former BFFs, either.  It’s not that I couldn’t, it’s just I imagine I’d be an obvious suspect and then there’s all the guilt and the damnation and all that.

However, there are apparently quite a few people in the world who are not only capable of killing their BFF but who have actually done it!  There’s even a Lifetime show about it.  I Killed My BFF always starts by detailing how wonderful the friendship was before the friends decided to commit murder.   The identities of the murderer and the victim are not revealed until the final few minutes of the show so the whole point of watching an episode of I Killed My BFF basically amounts to spending 50 minutes of trying to guess who is going to snap first.

The show itself was so successful that it’s even led to a mini-movie franchise.  The first I Killed My BFF film aired in 2015 and it was an instant classic.  Now, three years later, we have a second I Killed My BFF film, The Preacher’s Daughter.

Who is the preacher’s daughter?  Her name is Lily Adler (Megan West) and she seems like she’s perfectly happy being a leading member of her father’s (Joe Gretsch) congregation.  She’s in charge of the youth ministry and she’s always very prim and proper.  Little does the congregation suspect that Lily used to be a wild child who had an abortion when she was a teenager.

The congregation also does not know that Rev. Adler is estranged from his son, Jason (Matthew James Ballinger).  After their mother commits suicide, Lily attempts to repair the relationship between her father and her brother but, instead, she just ends up spending a lot of time with Jason’s older girlfriend, Rae (Carly Pope).  Soon, Lily is once again drinking and doing drugs.  It’s not until Jason’s mysterious death that Lily turns on Rae and starts trying to recruit Rae’s teenage daughter, Scarlet (Katherine Reis), into the church.

It all leads to (you guessed it!) murder!

When it comes to The Preacher’s Daughter, it’s hard to avoid the fact that none of these people really seem to be BFFs.  I mean, Lily and Rae do hang out with each other for a while but that’s mostly just because of Jason.  And while Lily and Scarlet do become close, it’s debatable whether or not they could really be considered BFFs.  If anything, it seems more like a mentor/protegé type of relationship.

But no matter!  It was still fun trying to guess who would end up killing who.  A sign of the film’s success is that you could easily imagine either Rae, Lily, or even Scarlet turning out to be the murderer.  Megan West was memorably creepy in the role of Lily and there’s a baptism scene that deserves a place in the Hall of Fame of WTF Lifetime Moments.  Joel Gretsch also does a good job as the charismatic but judgmental Rev. Adler and the film’s ending packs a nice punch.

I look forward to watching future installments of I Killed MY BFF with my BFFs.  Hopefully, none of them will ever try to kill me…

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