6 Trailers In The Basket

Hi there and welcome to the Easter edition of Lisa Marie’s Favorite Grindhouse and Exploitation Trailers!

1) Bunnyman (2009)

Just in time for Easter, it’s Bunnyman!

2) Deathmaster (1972)

Much like Twilight, Deathmaster combines the true life crimes of Charles Manson with vampires.  In this one, the Manson character is played by Robert Quarry.  Speaking of which, did anyone see those pictures of the modern-day, incarcerated Manson that were released last week?  I took one look at those and I went, “Santa Claus is really letting himself go.”

3) The Last Horror Film (1984)

Speaking of maniacs, this film reunited the two stars of the infamous movie of the same name, Caroline Munro and Joe Spinell.

4)  Hercules (1983)

For the past month and a half, I’ve been watching Lou Ferrigno on The Celebrity Apprentice and, even though I’m rooting for Aubrey O’Day, it’s impossible not to like Lou.  Here’s Lou starring as Hercules in a film from the infamous Luigi Cozzi.  (I wanted to also include the trailer for Hercules In New York, the 1970 debut of Arnold Schwarzenegger but every single Hercules in New York YouTube video is embedding disabled.  Bleh!)

5) Ironmaster (1983)

Yes, it’s yet another history lesson from the Joel Schumacher of Italian exploitation, Umberto Lenzi.

6) The Phantom of the Opera (1998)

Since it’s the holidays, let’s end with some Argento.

2 responses to “6 Trailers In The Basket

  1. I watched “The Last Horror Film” just a couple of weeks ago. I found it to be unexpectedly fun. You just need to stay with it. Joe Spinell’s character is a sympathetic and likable, if obsessive guy, and while the film is unpretentiously low-budget, it is pretty clever. A nice little surprise.


    • I’ve actually wanted to see Last Horror Film for a while b/c it has kind of a legendary production history. 🙂 Which, unfortunately, I can’t really remember much about right now but I think the film was kinda short underground-style at the Cannes Film Festival.


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