AMV of the Day: Hands Up! (Dragonball)

I don’t think one has to a fan of anime to have even heard of and/or seen Dragonball. It’s like a prime introduction for kids on anime during the mid-90’s. The latest “AMV of the Day” takes things back to that era when most American kids were introduced to the anime series through Cartoon Network’s reruns.

“Hands Up!” is an amv produced and created by one Drabaz88 who did a great job editing together scenes from not just Dragonball but Dragonball Z. It’s great to see well-renowned manga artist Akira Toriyama’s character designs at any time and in this video they make for an action-packed and quite funny video.

The video has become quite the sensation in the anime conventions of 2012, so far. It’s won awards in pretty much every anime con it’s been entered in with the latest being at Anime Boston 2012 where it won in the Best upbeat category. If there’s one thing this video is all about is that it’s pretty upbeat. It’s hard not to have a big smile once the video has ended. For one thing it has my favorite Dragonball(z) character not made to look like a buffoon and idiot: Hercule!

Anime: Dragonball, Dragonball Z

Song: “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz

Creator: Drabaz88

All Of My Love And 6 More Trailers

Hi there and welcome to another edition of Lisa Marie’s Favorite Grindhouse and Exploitation Film Trailers!  Today, we bring you 6 trailers featuring endangered streetwalkers, lost teenagers, and killer monkeys.

1) Monkey Shines (1988)

Our first trailer comes to us from director George A. Romero.  The monkey from this trailer also made an appearance in Toy Story 3.

2) Survival Run (1979)

As a film, Survival Run looks pretty bad but I think this trailer actually provides a public service.  Seriously, stay out of the desert.  Between the radiation mutants and the drug smugglers, there’s nothing good to be found out there.

3) Streets (1990)

I can imagine the tag line for a rerelease of this film — “Before Christina Applegate was keeping it Up All Night, she was keeping it up on the Streets!”  I have to give credit for this discovery to the newest addition to TSL, the Trash Film Guru.  Check out his review here.

4) Street Asylum (1990)

Continuing the theme of the streets, here’s another film about urban crime.  This one stars Wings Hauser and G. Gordon Liddy.

5) Fatal Skies (1990)

Things aren’t much safer in the skies.  This film, oddly enough, apparently star Timothy Leary.

6) The Freeway Maniac (1988)

Obviously, he’s been spending too much time on Central Expressway during rush hour.  (Yes, that’s a Dallas-centric comment.)