AMV of the Day: You Can Be King Again (Hotarubi no Mori e)

hotarubi no mori e

In my absence, Lisa Marie did quite a great job picking up the slack when it came time to put up a new anime music video. She had quite the eclectic choice of videos that ran the gamut from comedy, space opera, ecchi to drama.

As I continue my return back I thought it was high time to put up a new AMV and this time from an anime I haven’t even seen. It’s actually an anime that even the site expert pantsukudasai56 hasn’t seen but had heard of. The anime in question is the supernatural romance anime film Hotarubi no Mori e.

Just from researching what the anime was about I knew this was going to be one of those shoujo fares that I would need to find time to watch. It helps that the video’s creator, youlazybum, did such a great job pairing scenes from the anime with one of my favorite songs these past ten years, Lauren Aquilina’s “King.”

So, here’s my latest AMV of the Day, “You Can Be King Again.”

Anime: Hotarubi no Mori e

Song: “King” by Lauren Aquilina

Creator: youlazybum

Past AMVs of the Day

Trailer: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal


“Mūn Purizumu Pawā, Meikuappu!”

When it was announced in the summer of 2012 that a new Sailor Moon anime series was in production the anime fandom was all a-twitter about the news. Whether one was male or female, Sailor Moon was a major part of the viewing regimen of anime fans young and old.

It’s now two year since that announcement and we finally have the first trailer of the return of Sailor Moon back on the airwaves. The series title will be Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal, but it will most likely be shortened to just Sailor Moon Crystal to keep it simple. Toei Animation will be the studio doing the animation work while the series will premiere on the network Niconico in Japan while it will also stream on the website streaming service Crunchyroll.

It’s been over 20 years since the original Sailor Moon series went off-the-air and to say it’s back with a brand new season has made anime fans ecstatic (grumblings about the change in animation style notwithstanding) the world over.

Sailor Moon Crystal to premiere on July 5, 2014.

Chopping the Log #4 Special A part 2

So, I’ve fallen way behind on my posting.  But let’s face it, I never really intended to make this a truly regular column.  If I had to blame something, and let’s face it, blaming something besides myself is much more fun, I’d blame going to Anime Boston with site founder Arleigh.  I mean, it makes sense, doesn’t it?  It kept me preoccupied for a time, and it’s a very convenient excuse.  Hey Arleigh, where’s the rest of the Anime Boston AMVs?


Alright, now that the focus is taken off of me, I’ll come back to the last set I watched before I stopped actually posting, and that’s the final set of the anime Special A, or more informally known as S.A.  This is based off a shojo manga, or manga made with girls in mind, by Maki Minami.  It basically follows the exploits of Hikari Hanazono in her super rich and super privileged high school class consisting of the best of the best.  Of course, Hikari comes from a very modest family, so naturally she is the hardest worker in the group because she knows what it’s like to not be born from a family that’s going to automatically give her an eight  or nine figure inheritance.

And that in a large part is the problem I have with the show.  It’s all about Rich People’s Problems.  Yet another show showing us how rich people are just the same as us, they have all the problems us commoners have, just magnified because they’re rich!  Yeah, sorry, not buying it.  Frankly if I’m in line to inherit a couple hundred million dollars, then I don’t really care what sort of responsibilities I might have to deal with.  Oh no, my parents want me to marry someone worth millions of dollars to make our family worth billions?  Cry me a river.

That episode is just a taste of what they go through.  Frankly, I don’t care about Rich People’s Problems.  I don’t relate to it at all.  Look, I don’t want my anime to be realistic.  I want my heroes to kick ass an take names.  I want them to struggle a bit, but come out winning in the end.  I WANT SHINJI TO GET IN THE GODDAMN ROBOT!!  Ahem.  Sorry about that.  Anyways, this show just did not resonate with me.  Some of the side characters were quite interesting, such as the pairing of Megumi and Yahiro.  Now that was interesting.  Hikari and Kei?  Couldn’t care less.  It probably doesn’t help that Maki Minami doesn’t do a great job of drawing distinctive characters, and  the anime reflects this.  Yes, you can tell them apart, but they’re so similar that it can be hard at times.  All in all, this comes across as a series drawn by someone who’s basically saying “wouldn’t it be awesome if you were a clueless normal girl who got to go to a super elite rich person school just because you were fairly smart, and the richest smartest boy in school fell in love with you?”  Yes, yes it would, but that doesn’t make for a particularly compelling story, especially for people that just don’t get or care about rich people’s problems.  I don’t care how much you want it to be true, rich people do not have the same troubles us thousandaires do, and nothing you do can convince me otherwise.

All in all, I say skip this series.  The anime can be had for cheap, provided you don’t care about English dubs, and even if you want your dubs you can have it for half the price of the manga.  The manga does expound a bit further upon the story than the anime (obviously) but the ending is completely obvious from the beginning, so there’s not much need to put yourself through it all.  If you want to see a better story of Normal Girl in Rich Person School, then I totally recommend Ouran High School Host Club instead.

AMV of the Day: Kobato – Ring a Bell

Been awhile since I was able to find and post a new AMV (anime music video) which means the pickings have been slim. But as I was writing up the post commemorating the site’s 1000th post milestone I was listening to some J-Pop as background music and one particular song came on. It was BONNIE PINK’s “Ring a Bell” which was used as the opening song for the very fun and beautiful JRPG Tales of Vesperia. As soon as I finished writing up the milestone post I searched YouTube for AMV’s which used this song and after finding a couple AMV’s which used it I settled on the best one I was able to find.

The latest AMV is from YouTube user XValkyrieAngelX and it was titled Kobato – Ring a Bell. I knew of the song, but the anime used was one I’ve heard about but never had the opportunity to watch: Kobato.

First off, the editing work by XValkyrieAngelX was very good. She didn’t make the video too cluttered and confusing with massive amounts of quick edits and cuts. Her use of particular video effects was timed well with the song that they weren’t distracting. One thing she was also able to do was keep the AMV relatively spoiler-free. The anime itself has been called one of the many romance-comedy that continues to be quite popular in Japan and pretty much with most anime fans so the video shows of the romance side of the anime but not enough to ruin the whole story.

The song “Ring a Bell” is one of those catchy J-Pop ballads which just sticks to one’s mind and won’t let go. Using this song really matches up well with the visuals used from Kobato. One of the best compliments I could ever give an AMV creator is that they were able to convince me to watch an anime I’ve only remotely heard of just based on watching them use it in one of their videos. Kobato – Ring a Bell is one such AMV and as soon as I finished watching it I went over to Amazon and, lo and behold, the DVD was up for pre-ordering and I went ahead and pre-ordered it.

XValkyrieAngelX has more AMV’s uploaded in her YouTube account and this one has given me reason to watch the rest of her work.

Song: “Ring a Bell” – BONNIE PINK

Anime: Kobato

Creator: XValkyrieAngelX