Music Video of the Day: Reality by Crud (2009, dir by ????)

Okay, so I guess you can question whether or not this should be considered an official video.

But it’s close enough, in my opinion!  This video features footage of Crud performing their song Reality at Detroit’s Theater of the Bizarre.  I’ve never been to The Theater of the Bizarre or to Detroit, for that matter.  But it does look like it would be a kickass place to spend Halloween.

Actually, isn’t Detroit where they burn down empty buildings on the night before Halloween?

Anyway, enjoy!

Cannes 2012: The Winners

Earlier today, the winners of the 2012 Cannes Film Festival were announced:

Palme d’Or — Amour by Michael Haneke

Grand Prix — Reality by Matteo Garrone

Best Director — Carlos Reygadas for Post Tenabras Lux

Best Screenplay — Beyond the Hills by Christian Mungiu

Best Actress — Cristina Fluter and Cosmina Stratan in Beyond the Hills

Best Actor — Mads Mikkelson in The Hunt

Jury Prize — The Angels’ Share by Ken Loach

Interestingly enough, considering that a whole lot of the coverage of this year’s festival centered on the large number of American films in competition, not a single American film won any of the competitive awards.  Even the widely acclaimed Moonrise Kingdom was shut out.  It’s also interesting to note that this is 2nd of Haneke’s film to win the Palme d’Or in less than a decade and that all Ken Loach has to do to win an award in Europe is show up.

Personally, just from the reports coming out of the festival, Beyond the Hills is the Cannes winner that I am most enthusiastic about seeing in the future.