Horror on TV: She-Wolf of London Season 1 Episode 1 (dir by Dennis Abey)

Did you know that there used to be a TV show called She-Wolf of London?

Apparently, there was. I came across it on YouTube while I was looking for old episodes of The Twilight Zone.  She-Wolf of London was a TV show about an American grad student named Randi (Kate Hodge) who comes to the UK, investigates the supernatural with Dr. Ian Matheson (Neil Dickson), and who turn into a wolf whenever the moon is full!  This British show ran from 1990 to 1991.

Interested in seeing the first episode, which acts largely as an origin story?  Check it out below!


Horror On TV: Tales From The Crypt 2.1 “Dead Right” (dir by Howard Deutch)

For tonight’s excursion into televised horror, we present the first episode of the 2nd season of HBO’s Tales From The Crypt!

In Dead Right, Demi Moore plays a secretary named Cathy who is told two things by a psychic.  First, she’ll lose her job.  Next, she’ll marry a man who will inherit a fortune and then violently die shortly afterward.  After losing her job, Cathy meets the grotesque Charlie (Jeffrey Tambor) and she marries him when she finds out that he comes from a wealthy family.

Of course, since this is Tales From The Crypt, there’s a twist.  The medium’s prediction turns out to be true but not quite in the way that Cathy was expecting…

Dead Right is pretty good.  Demi Moore is almost too plausible as a golddigger and Jeffrey Tambor turns Charlie into a truly memorable character, one who is both pathetic and intimidating.  And the story’s twist ending carries a properly nasty punch, as well.

Dead Right originally aired on April 21st, 1990.