Here’s The Frightening Trailer For Evil Dead Rise!

The Deadites are back!

Here’s the trailer for Evil Dead Rise!  Word of advice: don’t even think about watching the trailer with all the lights turned off.  Agck!

Apparently, Evil Dead Rise is a sequel to the Evil Dead reboot but not necessarily the original Evil Dead films.  Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are credited as being executive producers, which might mean something or it might not.  As far as I can tell, Campbell will not be appearing in this film.  (If he does appear, they’ve done a great job keeping it a secret and Campbell’s done a great job telling everyone that he’s not in the movie.)  The Evil Dead reboot itself was certainly not bad, though, being the horror snob that I am, I’ll always prefer the original films.  It’s hard to beat the combination of Lovecraft-style horror and Campbell/Raimi goofiness that set the original trilogy apart from so many other horror franchises.

Evil Dead Rise will be released to theaters on April 23rd!