March Positivity: This Is Our Time (dir by Lisa Arnold)

The 2013 film, This Is Our Time, opens with a college graduation and a voice-over from Ethan (Shawn Culin-Young), who explains that everyone goes through four stages when they go to college.  The first stage is being excited about getting away from home and being on you own.  The second and third stages are about settling down, choosing your major, and maybe meeting the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life.  The fourth stage is all about looking forward to graduation and finally getting to enter the real world.

This Is Our Time follows the story of five friends as they discover what comes after the fourth stage.  For two of them, it’s making a living as corporate workers and being pressured to behave unethically.  For two others, it’s marriage and a new life working as missionaries in India, ministering to the needs of leprosy sufferers and their children.  For Ethan, it means giving up his dream of being a writer and working as a waiter at his father’s bar.  But, as Ethan warns us in his narration, one of the five is not going to be alive in a year.  The movie follows the friends as they deal with death and try to learn how to live.

Some of the acting is a bit stiff and the attempt to capture the feel of corporate America feels rather comical.  (Erik Estrada glowers his way through the role of a dishonest executive.)  But, at the same time, the film does end with a message from the founder of Embrace a Village, which actually does provide support for people dealing with Leprosy and the guy is so sincere that it kind of makes you feel guilty for all the snarky thoughts that you had while watching the movie.  Whatever else you might want to say about the film, the intentions are good and there’s something to be said for that.

Add to that, Eric Roberts is in the film.  Roberts plays Ethan’s father and he brings a lot of genuine emotion to the role.  The scene where he breaks down behind the bar in response to having gotten some bad news is well-done.  Roberts is kind of famous for accepting almost any role that’s offered to him and he’s said that he hasn’t actually watched the majority of the films in which he’s appeared.  Who knows if Roberts actually watched this film but, regardless, his performance was definitely the highlight.

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Southern Fried Slasher: THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN (AIP 1976)

cracked rear viewer

In 1946, the town of Texarkana, on the Texas-Arkansas border, was rocked by a series of brutal attacks on its citizens from February to May that left five people dead and three seriously wounded. The psycho, who wore what seemed to be a white pillowcase with eyeholes cut in it, caused quite a panic among the townsfolk, and the local and national press had a field day sensationalizing the gruesome events. The case was dubbed “The Texas Moonlight Murders”, and the mysterious maniac “The Phantom Killer”. Famed Texas Ranger M.T. “Lone Wolf” Gonzaullus was brought in to lead the investigation and rounded up a few suspects, but no one was ever formally charged with the grisly crimes. To this day, the case has never officially been solved.

Forty years later, Texarkana native Charles B. Pierce produced, directed, and costarred in THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN, a film based on those…

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