Dance Scenes That I Love: The Locomotion from Inland Empire

Hello and welcome to martes trece!  

Now, I know that a lot of people will tell you that Friday the 13th is the most unlucky day of the year but actually, in Spain, it is well know that Tuesday the 13th is the day that you have to watch out for.  My grandmother would literally not leave the house on Tuesday the 13th.  Myself, I may leave the house today but I’ll drive very slowly and I’ll watch my step.

Now, personally, I think the best way to deal with an unlucky day is through dance!  So, allow me to bless you with a dance scene that I love.

This is from David Lynch’s 2006 film, Inland Empire.  Inland Empire, which clocks in at 3 hours, is perhaps Lynch’s most unsettling film.  However, it does feature a little dancing, as seen below:

Good luck!


Musical Sequence of the Day: “Notorious” from Donnie Darko (dir by Richard Kelly)

For today’s musical sequence of the day (which is a temporary feature that I’m doing until Val’s internet is working again and she can return to doing her music videos of the day), we have the “Notorious” scene from 2001’s Donnie Darko.

In this scene, Sparkle Motion performs onstage while, miles away, Donnie Darko (Jake Gyllenhaal) burns down the house of creepy motivational speaker, Jim Cunningham (Patrick Swayze).  Playing throughout this scene: Duran Duran’s “Notorious.”

Why does Drew Barrymore hate Sparkle Motion?

This is the second scene from Donnie Darko to have been featured in this series.  Check out the “Head Over Heels” scene here.

(And yes, one reason why I love this scene is because I very much related to it.  Sparkle Motion is perhaps the most realistic part of Donnie Darko…)

Scenes that I Love: Edie Sedgwick and Gerald Malanga Dance in Andy Warhol’s Vinyl

Today’s scene that I love comes to use from an underground 1965 film called Vinyl!  Believe it or not, this adaptation of A Clockwork Orange was directed by Andy Warhol and predates the famous Kubrick film by 6 years!

This is a film that I hope to get a chance to review very soon but until then, check this out scene of Edie Sedgwick and Gerald Malanga dancing to Nowhere to Run by Martha and The Vandellas.

Watching her in this scene, it’s sad to think that, in just six years (and at the same time that Stanley Kubrick was releasing his version of A Clockwork Orange), Edie Sedgwick would die at the age of 28.  Like all of us, she deserved much better than what the world was willing to give her.

Edie Sedgwick (1943 -- 1971)

Edie Sedgwick (1943 — 1971)

Dances Scenes That I Love: William Holden and Kim Novak in Picnic

Hi, everyone!  Well, I just watched Sharknado 4 twice and I live tweeted it both times!  You can expect to see my review either tomorrow or on Tuesday, depending on how well I recover from tonight.

But, until then, it’s time to share this week’s final dance scene that I love.  This wonderfully sensual scene comes from the 1955 best picture nominee, Picnic!  Check out this wonderfully sensuous scene with William Holden and Kim Novak!

I hope everyone’s had a great July and I hope that August will be even better!

Love ya!

(Oh, at around the 18 second mark, the picture appears to freeze but don’t panic.  That’s a glitch in the upload and it only lasts for a second or two.)

Dance Scenes That I Love: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Teen Witch

Hi there!

Happy National Dance Day!

Tonight, I have two dance scenes to share with you.  The first one was recommended to me by fellow TSL contributor, Valerie Troutman.  It comes from 1985’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!  I haven’t seen this film but I enjoy this scene.  It pretty much just screams “1985,” doesn’t it?

(And who wouldn’t want to spend all day watching Dance TV?)

I’ve shared this second scene before but, since we’re on kind of an 80s theme tonight, I simply had to share it again.  From 1989’s Teen Witch, here’s “Top That!”