Artist Profile: Bernard Barton (1920 — 1993)

As happens sometimes, I couldn’t find much biographical information about the pulp artist Bernard Barton.  I was able to find his dates of birth and date at wikimedia but otherwise, there wasn’t much information online, beyond his work.  Bernard Barton was one of the few artist of the pulp paperback era to regularly sign his work, which means that even if I can’t find out much about his life, at least we can appreciate his work.

As far as I can tell, Bernard Barton is no relation to Harry Barton, another prominent artist of the pulp era.  (Interestingly, Harry’s full name was Harold Bernard Barton.)

Check out some of Bernard Barton’s work below:

2 responses to “Artist Profile: Bernard Barton (1920 — 1993)

  1. I am not an artist but it makes me wonder why an artist wouldn’t sign his or her work. I realize if they paint a thousand works of art over a career maybe the artist wouldn’t sign every piece. Unless the magazine omitted the artist name. I personally enjoy pulp art of all forms.


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