2022 In Review: 10 Good Things That I Saw On Television

Continuing my long-delayed look back at 2022, here are ten good things that I saw on television during the previous year!

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  1. The Dropout

Hulu’s miniseries about Theranos was a disturbing look at how Elizabeth Holmes managed to defraud her investors, provide false hope for the ill, and become a celebrity despite not actually knowing anything about which she was speaking.  Amanda Seyfried’s performance as Holmes was brilliant and she was well-supported by an amazingly strong supporting cast.  The Dropout pretty much is the last word that needs to be said about Theranos.

2. Barry

Whether it was the Kaboom app or that amazing motorcycle chase, the latest season of HBO’s Barry was full of amazing moments.  The saga of the hitman-turned-actor-turned-hitman continues to fascinate.  As likable as Bill Hader can be, he never lets us forget that Barry is, at heart, a bit of a monster.

3. The Better Call Saul Finale

Finales are a tricky business and a bad one can ruin a show’s legacy.  Fortunately, the final season of Better Call Saul delivered everything that the audience could possibly hope for.

4. Pistol

Danny Boyle’s miniseries may have provided a romanticized history of 70s punk rock but it was compulsively watchable nonetheless.  Sidney Chandler stole the entire series as Chrissy Hynde.  Anson Boon brought some unexpected shadings to the role of Johnny Rotten.  That the real-life Johnny didn’t care much for it is, at this point, to be expected,

5. The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race returned with two new seasons.  The first season was one that was filmed during the COVID lockdowns and it suffered due to the fact that some of the strongest teams had to drop out of the race because of the long delay in shooting,  Still, you had to respect the show for not giving up and just canceling the season altogether.  The second season was a return to form for The Amazing Race, with Derek and Claire providing themselves to be two of the most likable winners that the show has had in a while.  For those of us who feel that Derek and Claire got screwed over during their season of Big Brother, their Amazing Race victory was especially nice to see.

6. Abbott Elementary

One of the best sitcoms to come along in a while, Abbott Elementary is both poignant and hilarious as it details the day-to-day life of the teachers at Abbott Elementary.  Though Sheryl Lee Ralph has deservedly won the majority of the awards, the entire cast is wonderful.  Janelle James, as Principal Ava Coleman, will hopefully get some Emmy recognition later this year.

7. Ghosts

What a sweet show about dead people!

8. Yellowjackets

Not sine Lost have I been so intrigued by a drama.  Succession is a show that thinks it’s clever.  Yellowjackets actually is clever.

9. The Offer

It was a guilty pleasure but a pleasure nonetheless.

10. I Want You Back

The best made-for-TV movie of 2022.  Jenny Slate singing Suddenly Seymour was a classic moment.

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