10 Good Things That Lisa Marie Saw On TV In 2012

Someday, I want to have my own tv network.  I’ll call it Lisa Marie Television (or LMTV for short) and it’ll be like Lifetime but with the Lisa Marie difference.  What’s the Lisa Marie difference?  Sweetheart, if you have to ask, you’ll never know.  El. Oh. El.

Anyway, as I wait for that day to come, I’m going to continue my series of posts on my favorites of 2012 by telling you about some of the best things that I saw on television over the course of the previous year:

1) SyFy Movies On Saturday

For me, one of the highlights of 2012 has been meeting and getting to know the Snarkalecs on twitter.  Who are the Snarkalecs?  We’re just a group of very witty people who are capable of appreciating films like Two-Headed Shark Attack and Arachnoquake.  Every Saturday night, we watch and live tweet whatever’s playing on the SyFy network.  It’s the perfect way to end the week.  My favorite SyFy film of 2012?  Jersey Shore Shark Attack.

2) The Basic Lupine Urology episode of Community

A great crime has occurred at Greendale Community College.  A yam has been callously destroyed and the study group is going to find out who was responsible and make sure the perpetrator is punished to the full extent of the law.  This spot-on perfect parody of Law and Order was one of the highlights of Community’s third season.  Donald Glover and Danny Pudi were simply adorable playing good cop/bad cop.

3) Joe Manganiello and Alexander Skarsgard on True Blood

The latest season of True Blood may have been uneven but whenever Alexander Skarsgard or Joe Manganiello showed up on-screen, the show was perfect (especially if they happened to be naked at the time).

4) South Park

As always.  This year highlights have included the classic anti-bullying episode and the annual Halloween episode.

5) Survivor: Philippines

The previous season of Survivor was one of the best, featuring truly interesting competitors like Jonathan Penner, Lisa Whelchel, Abi-Marie, and Malcolm.  Perhaps best of all, the season ended with the most deserving survivor winning the million bucks.

6) Clint Eastwood’s Chair Speech

A lot of very snide comments have been made about Eastwood’s speech at the Republican National Convention but, personally, I think it was brilliant political theater.  Even better, his two main points — that the President is essentially an empty suit and the Vice President is a jackass — are looking more and more true with each passing day.

7) The Joe Biden/Paul Ryan Vice Presidential Debate

Speaking of great political theater…. The 2012 Presidential election was dominated by debates but there’s only one that was truly memorable and it was the Vice Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan.  While Paul Ryan talked about disaster in his overly serious grad student way, Joe Biden grinned like an aging serial killer deep in the throes of senility.  This was less a political debate and more a case of performance art.

8) The London Olympics

I loved watching the London Olympics this year and not just because of the Fab Five, either.  The Danny Boyle-directed opening ceremonies were amazing to watch and I had fun going on twitter to ridicule NBC’s hilariously bad coverage of the games.

9) Liz & Dick on Lifetime

Oh, c’mon — it was fun!

10) The Office Made A Comeback…Sorta

After one of the worst seasons in the history of primetime television, The Office has redeemed itself slightly with its current (and final) season.  Even Catherine Tate has become tolerable.

Tomorrow, I’ll continue my look back at the past year with a list of my 10 favorite novels of 2012.

7 responses to “10 Good Things That Lisa Marie Saw On TV In 2012

  1. Sports announcers tend to be a pretty lousy bunch. However, I could think of few things worse, sports announcer wise, than a bunch of Americans commentating the Olympics.

    “God Bless America…The Greatest Country In The World!”

    One of these days, an American announcer is going to be paired with a non-American announcer who is going to take offence to this ridiculous statement and challenge it on air, much to the delight of the 6.7 billion people who don’t live in America.

    Still, it couldn’t be much worse than an overwhelming number of Australian ex-athlete sports announcers, who have a tendency to take blandness to new heights and never fail to demonstrate why they made their name as athletes and not orators. Just because you were really good at a sport, it doesn’t mean that you’re any good talking about it.

    I don’t watch much television except for American football. So apart from things sports-related, the best thing that I saw on television in 2012 was…

    Karina Carvalho on ABC morning news…again and again and again. Best eight cents a day I’ve ever spent.


      • All that said, I’m pretty sure that I’ve never heard the English commentators scream “Mother England, the greatest country in the entire universe…innit?”

        Just wait until the Commonwealh Games, England gets to compete as a separate team, so the English commentators can ignore the Irish all they want!

        As for the American commentators at the Olympics, unless you’re a Jamaican sprinter or a Chinese swimmer (preferably under a cloud of suspicion for being that much better than the Yanks), they’ll act like you don’t exist.

        Good to see the Australian swim team do so poorly. I mean that. They’re possibly the most overrated people in the entire country. I’m sick and tired of their stupid tweets and public temper tantrums. Now maybe the government will slash funding to the Australian Institute of Sport…and give the dollars to the Nation Film and Sound Archive just down the road! Down with chlorine, up with celluloid!


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