Celebrate Patriot’s Day With The Fighting Yank!

Today is Patriot’s Day so let’s celebrate with The Fighting Yank!

Who was the Fighting Yank?  He was Bruce Carter III, a proud patriot who was given super powers by the ghost of his ancestor, the original Bruce Carter.  The Carters had a long history of fighting for their country.  The first Bruce Carter fought in the Revolutionary War.  The third Bruce Carter, as the Fighting Yank, went on to fight the Nazis in World War II!  After the war ended, the Fighting Yank continued the fight to his fellow citizens safe from enemies both domestic and abroad.

The Fighting Yank had his comic book series, which ran from 1942 to 1948.  Here, to celebrate Patriots Day, is The Fighting Yank!

Thank you for your service, Fighting Yank!

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