Artist Profile: George Ziel (1914–1982)

Jerzy Zielezinski was 25 years old when the Nazis invaded his native Poland.  He was sent to first the Warsaw Ghetto and eventually to the Dachau Concentration Camp.  Zielezinski escaped the horrors of his everyday life through his art.  Paper and pencils were forbidden so Zielezinski sketched using scraps and pieces of charcoal.  After the liberation of Dachau, Zielzinski turned his rough sketches into drawings.  His first two books of drawings, Prisoner Album (1945) and 24 Sketches From The Concentration Camps in Germany (1946), are considered to be invaluable pieces of history.  His artwork is displayed at Holocaust memorials across Europe.

After World War II, Zielzinski moved to New York City and, using the name George Ziel, he started his prolific career as a commercial artist.  Ziel painted a countless amount of paperback novel covers.  He is best remembered for his Gothic Romance covers.

A selection of his work can be found below.

5 responses to “Artist Profile: George Ziel (1914–1982)

  1. I think I identify most with Mantee, since I, too, use my fists and my maleness to destroy my masters, though I usually use them just to get to the front of the bakery line.


  2. “A Woman Called Trouble”, a.k.a. “The Lisa Marie Bowman Story”. It even has Lisa Marie on the cover!

    What’s the title of the book with the nun on the cover? Nunsploitation!


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