Lisa’s Week In Review: 1/11/21 — 1/17/21

This past week was long but ultimately rewarding.  I didn’t watch as many movies as I should have and I’m going to have to make up for that over the course of this upcoming week but, at the same time, I hosted the I Like To Watch live tweet on Saturday night and, as a result of also hosting both the Friday Night Flix and the Scary Social live tweets, I was also able to introduce a whole new group of people to both Ninja III: The Domination and Messiah of Evil.  Introducing people to new and old things is always a good feeling.

Anyway, here’s what I watched, listened to, and read this week!  I know that I said I was going to start posting my best-of-2020 lists during this upcoming week but it’s going to have to wait for just a little bit longer while I spend the next 7 days catching up on the last few films of the previous year.  (Fear not, time is eternal.)

Films I Watched:

  1. Hillbilly Elegy (2020)
  2. His Girl Friday (1940)
  3. Inception (2010)
  4. Mank (2020)
  5. Messiah of Evil (1973)
  6. Ninja III: The Domination (1984)
  7. The Social Dilemma (2020)
  8. Tormented (1960)

Television Shows I Watched:

  1. A Football Game — I have no idea who was playing or who won.  I just know it was on TV this afternoon, I watched a little of it with Jeff, and I had to stop watching because everyone kept colliding head-to-head and it was totally freaking me out.
  2. ‘Allo ‘Allo
  3. The Bachelor
  4. Bar Rescue
  5. The Bold and the Beautiful
  6. The Chase
  7. Cold Case Files
  8. The District
  9. Days of our Lives
  10. Dr. Phil
  11. General Hospital
  12. Hell’s Kitchen
  13. Hill Street Blues
  14. The Love Boat
  15. The Masked Dancer
  16. Mister Winner
  17. Night Stalker
  18. The Office
  19. Open All Hours
  20. The Vicar of Dibley
  21. Yes, Minister
  22. The Young and the Restless

Books I Read:

  1. Taking Shape: Developing Halloween From Script to Scream (2018) by Dustin McNeil and Travis Mullins
  2. Taking Shape II: The Lost Halloween Sequels (2020) by Dustin McNeil and Travis Mullins

Messiah of Evil (1973, directed by Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz)

Music To Which I Listened:

  1. Afrojack
  2. Armin van Buuren
  3. Avicii
  4. Big Data
  5. The Brady Bunch
  6. Britney Spears
  7. Cage the Elephant
  8. Calvin Harris
  9. Carter Burwell
  10. The Chemical Brothers
  11. The Crystal Method
  12. Coldplay
  13. Daft Punk
  14. Dillon Francis
  15. DJ Judaa
  16. Donna Summer
  17. Fatboy Slim
  18. Franka Potente
  19. Gwen Stefani
  20. Hans Zimmer
  21. Hounds
  22. Icona Pop
  23. Jakalope
  24. Jake Bugg
  25. Jessica Simpson
  26. John Carpenter
  27. The KLF
  28. M/A/R/R/S
  29. Muse
  30. No Doubt
  31. Odyssey
  32. Phantogram
  33. The Prodigy
  34. Public Service Broadcasting
  35. Saint Motel
  36. Sleigh Bells
  37. Steve Aoki
  38. Taylor Swift
  39. Tiesto
  40. Universal Honey
  41. UPSAHL

Awards Season Links:

  1. St. Louis Film Critics Association Nominations
  2. Music City Film Critics Winners
  3. San Diego Film Critics Winners
  4. Gotham Winners
  5. Hawaii Film Critics Winners
  6. Houston Film Critics Society Nominations
  7. North Dakota Film Society Winners
  8. San Francisco Bay Area Critics Circle Nominations
  9. St. Louis Film Critics Winners

Links From Last Week:

  1. Just Turn It Off

News From Last Week:

  1. CNN announces it is pulling network from airports, Twitter rejoices
  2. Hollywood Prepares to Delay Another Slew of Blockbusters
  3. Netflix’s Massive 2021 Film Slate Will Deliver New Movies Every Week This Year
  4. Ray Fisher, WarnerMedia Offer Dueling Accounts of ‘Flash’ Exit
  5. Phil Spector, Wall of Sound Music Producer and Murderer, Dies at 81

Links From The Site:

  1. Erin shared: Too Much Woman, Up To Her Neck, The Country School, Glamour Photography, Tom Swift In The Nuclear Caves, I Fear You Not!, and Swamp Nymph!
  2. Jeff shared music videos from Bob Seger, Thomas Dolby, Iron Maiden, KISS, AC/DC, Bart Simpson, and Bart Simpson again!
  3. Ryan reviewed If On Account of Sunday, Horrorscopes, Brick Breaks Free, and Brick By Brick!
  4. I reviewed The Social Dilemma, Mank, and Hillbilly ElegyI wished a happy birthday to John Carpenter!

More From Us:

  1. I hosted the I Like To Watch live tweet this week!  Check out my playlist!
  2. Ryan has a patreon and you should consider subscribing!
  3. On her photography site, Erin shared: Afternoon, Crown, Together, Gathering, January 15th, January 16th, and January 17th!
  4. On my music site, I shared songs from Hounds, Donna Summer, Odyssey, Gwen Stefani, Dillon Francis, Big Data, Britney Spears, and Jessica Simpson!

Want to see what I did last week?  Click here!

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