Music Video of the Day: Shakedown by Bob Seger (1987, directed by Tony Scott?)

Written for the film Beverly Hills Cop II, Shakedown was nearly a Glenn Frey song.

Frey was hired to perform the song but, on the day he was set to record it, he came down with laryngitis.  As Frey didn’t really like the song to begin with and wanted to change the lyrics, it was decided to instead hire Bob Seger to do the song.  Seger did not object to the lyrics and the end result was another number one hit for him.  As Frey and Seger were both from Detroit and close friends, Frey later said that he was happy that they at least keep the payday in Michigan.

The song was also nominated for an Academy Award.  It lost the Oscar to I’ve Had The Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing.  1987, admittedly, was not a strong year as far as the Best Original Song competition was concerned.  Among the other songs nominated were the title song from Cry Freedom, Storybook Love from The Princess Bride, and, from Mannequin, Nothing’s Going To Stop Us Now, a song that was so vacuous that only Starship could have performed it.  Shakedown, at least, has some life to it.

The music video is basically a trailer for Beverly Hills Cop II.  Shots of Bob Seger performing are mixed with shots of Brigitte Nielsen’s legs and Eddie Murphy doing his thing.  I couldn’t find any directorial credits for the video but all of the Beverly Hills Cop II footage was directed by Tony Scott so, even if someone else directed the footage of Seger performing, this is still definitely a Tony Scott music video.



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