AMV of the Day: You’ll Be In My Heart (My Roommate Is a Cat)

Does anyone need to watch something cute and adorable tonight?  Here you go.

Anime: Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidok (my roomate is a cat)

Song: You’ll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins

Creator: TaigaBurningAisakaStar

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Past AMVs of the Day

The Oklahoma Film Critics Circle Honors Minari!

The Oklahoma Film Critics Circle met up earlier today and announced their picks for the best of 2020!  Unlike most of the other regional critics groups that have so far voted, the OFCC named Minari — and not Nomadland — as best picture.  However, Nomadland still picked up awards for Best Director and Screenplay and Best Actress and it was named as one of the top ten films of the year.  In fact, Nomadland picked up even more awards than Minari did, even if Minari picked up the big prize.  Still, it’s always nice to see the love get spread around a little.

Personally, I can’t say that I’m terribly surprised that Minari picked up best picture from the Oklahoma critics.  Minari is set in Arkansas but it was filmed in Tulsa, Oklahoma so it was a bit of the favorite son candidate in this race.  I’m just curious to see if the North Texas critics are going to follow Oklahoma’s lead and give their top award to Minari as well.  Seriously, we don’t get many Oscar contenders shot around here so, when it happens, the natural tendency is to do a little bragging.

Speaking of Texas, I’m glad to see the Texas-shot The Vast of Night included in the OFCC’s top ten.  (The Vast of Night also picked up the award for Best First Feature.)  It’s also nice to see Palm Springs listed in the top 10, as it’s a film that is true a dark horse as far as Oscar recognition is concerned.  Every awards season, it’s fun to speculate about which film might surprise everyone by picking up a nomination or two.  This awards seasons, it very well could be Palm Springs.

Among the other results, Riz Ahmed and Paul Raci picked up even more honors for their performances in The Sound of Metal.  And Minari’s Yuh-jung Youn was named Best Supporting Actress.  Trent Renzor and Atticus Ross picked up two awards, for best score and best body of work for their work on Soul and Mank.  (Mank was also named one of the top ten films of the year.   It’s still a definite Oscar contender but it still hadn’t quite emerged as the awards season powerhouse that a lot of us were expecting it to be.)

Okay, that’s enough of an intro from me.  I’ve rambled on a bit, I know.  That’s what awards season does to me.  Here are the OFCC winners!

Best Picture

Top 10 Films
Da 5 Bloods
Palm Springs
Promising Young Woman
Sound of Metal
The Trial of the Chicago 7
The Vast of Night

Best Director
Chloé Zhao – Nomadland

Best Actor
Riz Ahmed – Sound of Metal

Best Actress
Frances McDormand – Nomadland

Best Supporting Actor
Paul Raci – Sound of Metal

Best Supporting Actress
Yuh-Jung Youn – Minari

Best Original Screenplay
Emerald Fennell – Promising Young Woman

Best Adapted Screenplay
Chloé Zhao – Nomadland

Best Animated Film

Best Documentary
Boys State

Best Foreign Language Film
Martin Eden

Best First Feature
The Vast of Night (Andrew Patterson)

Best Ensemble
The Trial of the Chicago 7

Best Cinematography
Erik Messerschmidt – Mank

Best Score
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – Soul

Best Body of Work
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – Mank and Soul

Lifetime Film Review: Sorority Secrets (dir by Damian Romay)

I’ll just be honest here.  Trying to balance receiving reports of the U.S. Capitol being stormed by rioters with watching and reviewing the 2020 Lifetime film, Sorority Secrets, was not easy.  In fact, I’m not really sure that I succeeded.

Most Lifetime films work best if they’re watched in just one sitting.  You sit down on the couch.  You watch the film.  Assuming that you’re watching it on your DVR, whenever a commercial pops up, you hit the fast forward button and you skip over it.  (That’s especially true if you’re watching something you recorded early in 2020 because there’s seriously only so many Michael Bloomberg commercials you can sit through.  Fortunately, Sorority Secrets aired in late August, after Bloomberg had dropped out but before the presidential campaign commercials really fired up.)  By skipping those commercials, you also manage to maintain a sense of narrative momentum.  You get wrapped up in the story and you don’t get distracted by the semi-annual sale and, as a result, you don’t spend too much time thinking about plot holes or anything like that.  The important thing is not to let your momentum get disrupted.  Unfortunately, earlier today, it was a bit more difficult than usual to maintain that momentum.

Still, I enjoyed Sorority Secrets.  Perhaps I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t been worried that a revolution was about to break out but still, it was an enjoyably over-the-top melodrama.  Lifetime is well known for airing films about cheating husbands and stalker ex-boyfriends but it’s also aired its share of dangerous sorority films.  In a dangerous sorority film, a smart young college student from a poor family always ends up getting a chance to join the biggest sorority on campus.  The student is always hesitant until she finds out that she’ll get free room and board and she’ll also get a chance to get a summer internship out of it all.  Of course, the sorority always turns out to be full of secrets.  There’s usually a murder or two, along with scenes of the student’s overprotective mother worrying that her daughter has gotten in over her head.  These are fun movies.

In Sorority Secrets, the student is Cassie (Bryntee Ratledge) and she’s shocked when she’s invited to join the snootiest sorority in campus.  She’s not even into the whole sorority thing but, you know …. free room and board and a chance to connect with influential people.  Cassie decides to go for it but she eventually discovers that her sorority is basically just a front for an escort service.  If that’s not bad enough, it appears that someone has murdered Cassie’s sorority sister, Kerrie (Shayna Benardo).  Kerrie, who bore a resemblance to Cassie, was also wearing Cassie’s jacket when she fell in front of an train.  Could she have been pushed?  Well, we know that she was because we saw the hand that gave her a shove.

Anyway, the fun thing about Sorority Secrets is that members of the sorority all basically got their own personal clothing allowance and, as a result, everyone in the film was absurdly overdressed.  Both the clothes and the sorority house were to die for and really, that’s probably the most important thing when it comes to a deadly sorority film.  Though the plot undoubtedly had its holes, the film embraced the melodrama and went happily over the top and it provided a nice distraction for a few hours.  What more can you ask for?

Artwork of the Day: Cockpit (Artist Unknown)

Artist Unknown

Cockpit was published in 1953.  In Britain, it was published under the title Image in the Dust.  In the U.S., it was called Cockpit.  Considering the book’s cover blurb — An Auto Racer …. A Drug Adddict … And The Woman They Shared — I think it’s possible that the title might have had a double meaning.

The book was written by a British writer named Elleston Trevor.  Warick Scott was one of the many pseudonyms that Trevor used.  Cockpit was the first of three books which Trevor wrote as Scott.  The other were called The Doomsday Story and The Naked Canvas.

The identity of the artist who did this cover is not known.  The woman they shared bears a strong resemblance to Marilyn Monroe while the two men in her life look like generic pulp cover men.  I’m worried that one of them appears to be standing in the middle of the track.  That’s probably the drug addict.

Music Video of the Day: Ant Rap by Adam and the Ants (1981, directed by Adam Ant and Mike Mansfield)

You learn something new every day.  Up until Monday, I didn’t even know this song existed but it does and it’s even got some historical importance as this was one of the earliest “rap” singles to chart in the UK.  It reached number three on the UK charts.

As for the video, what you have to remember is that it was released shortly after the success of John Boorman’s Excalibur and knight in shining armor were suddenly very popular again.  Terry English, who designed the armor in Excalibur, also designed the armor that Adam Ant wears in this video.  Why does Adam turn into a football player?  Why is the song’s co-writer, Marco Pirroni, dressed up like Liberace?  How did they get Lulu to agree to play the princess that Adam rescues from the castle?  When did Adam Ant turn into Bruce Lee?  When Adam Ant is rapping, anything can happen.  In the video’s final moments, we return to Excalibur as Adam loses his sword to a mysterious figure in the moat.

This video was filmed at Bodiam Castle, which has stood since 1385 and has been open to the public since 1921.  (It’s currently owned and operated by the National Trust.)  The video was co-directed by veteran music video director Mike Mansfield and Adam Ant, himself.


For those curious, here are the full lyrics to Ant Rap:

Put some wax on the trax and slide on onta here
Hane hane hane hane hane
Hatchets in the corner ears to the ground
Improve to the groove get down to the sound
Buttons and bows and bleu blanc rouge
All things lively must be used
Liberte, egalite, au jour d’hui see’est tres tres tres
Voici l’opportunite nous incroyables
I got the moves they got the grooves
Summoned the gods and they all approved
Bad vibes akimbo on the shelf
Bit of a rap thing going for myself
This gold on the teeth’s no sense at all
It only matters when it’s on the wall
I’m standing here with my four men
Let’s start that rapping thing again:
Marco, merrick, terry lee, gary tibbs and yours truly
In the naughty north and in the sexy south
We’re all singing I have the mouth
In the naughty north and in the sexy south
We’re all singing I have the mouth
I have the mouth
So tired of anarchists looking at me
Don’t need their credibility
“Destroy, ” they say, “defy! Condemn! “
As long as you don’t destroy them
With twenty years of drugs and drink
I thought the time had come to think
About standing up and saying that
It’s tragedy and such old hat
I’m standing here with my four men
Let’s start that rapping thing again:
(I got) marco, merrick, terry lee, gary tibbs and yours truly
In the naughty north and in the sexy south
We’re all singing I have the mouth
In the naughty north and in the sexy south
We’re all singing I have the mouth
I have the mouth
These happy feet are all we need
Summoned the gods and they all agreed
These feet won’t stop they’re in such a hurry
I knock it on the head and I go for a curry
Staying sober can be neat
Get drunk on these here happy feet
Keep on trying to pin me down
“Why a title for your sound? “
I’m standing here with my four men
Let’s do this rapping thing again:
I got marco, merrick, terry lee, gary tibbs and yours truly
In the naughty north and in the sexy south
We’re all singing I have the mouth. ..
And I have the mouth
And you have the mouth
And they got the mouth