Artwork of the Day: Swamp Nymph (Artist Unknown)

Artist Unknown

This book was originally published in 1962.  John B. Thomas was a Louisiana native and World War II veteran who wrote at least 75 books over the course of his literary career.  Though most of his books were ignored during his lifetime, they’ve subsequently been rediscovered by collectors and he’s developed a cult reputation.  Swamp Nymph was recently reissued, with a far less effective cover.

I don’t know why certain men were apparently so obsessed with hooking up in the swamp but apparently it was a popular topic during the pulp era.  Between the mosquitos, the leeches, the crocodiles, and the malaria, it probably wasn’t worth it.  The cover artist’s identity is unknown but this cover undoubtedly sold a lot of books.  I’m just impressed that someone can keep their makeup and their hair so perfect while living in a swamp.

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