If I Could Bend Your Ear About “If On Account Of Sunday” —

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

There are mysteries, there are riddles, there are enigmas, and then there are those things that are all three wrapped around each other, as Joe Pesci’s David Ferrie informed us in Oliver Stone’s JFK back in the days when conspiracies were kinda cool and outre and not solely the province of dudes in animal pelts and portly rendering plant workers who have taken it upon themselves to impose their bizarre worldview on the rest of us by storming the halls of congress. I’m not here to talk about MAGA nitwits, though — beyond the extent to which I just did, I guess — I’m here to talk about Lane Yates and Michael R. Muller’s new self-published mini, If On Account Of Sunday, which fits the bill of what Pesci was talking (okay, babbling) about to the proverbial “T.”

Ostensibly based on the Norse myth about the origins of the…

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