Lisa’s Week In Review: 11/16/20 — 11/22/20

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!

Here’s what I watched, read, and listened to this week:

Films I Watched:

  1. After (2019)
  2. The Atomic Brain (1964)
  3. Birthmother’s Betrayal (2020)
  4. Book of Monsters (2019)
  5. Code of Silence (1985)
  6. Lone Wolf McQuade (1983)
  7. Mangrove (2020)
  8. People Like Us (1990)
  9. Starcrash (1978)
  10. Valley of the Dolls (1967)
  11. Zandalee (1991)

Television Shows I Watched:

  1. 60 Days In
  2. A Teacher
  3. The Amazing Race 32
  4. B Postitive
  5. The Bachelorette
  6. Bar Rescue
  7. Big Sky
  8. The Brady Bunch
  9. Cheers
  10. Coronation Street
  11. The Crown
  12. Court Cam
  13. Dancing With The Stars
  14. The Dick Van Dyke Shw
  15. The Drew Barrymore Show
  16. Dr. Phil
  17. Fear the Walking Dead
  18. Ghost Whisperer
  19. Happy Days
  20. M*A*S*H
  21. Newhart
  22. The Office
  23. The Powers of Matthew Star
  24. Saved By The Bell: The College Years
  25. The Simpsons
  26. Supernatural
  27. Twilight Zone
  28. The Undoing
  29. The Voice
  30. The Walking Dead: World Beyond
  31. WKRP In Cincinnati

Books I Read:

  1. Dolls!  Dolls!  Dolls! (2020) by Stephen Rebello

Music To Which I Listened:

  1. Big Data
  2. Blanck Mass
  3. Britney Spears
  4. The Chemical Brothers
  5. Courtney Barnett
  6. Dean Martin
  7. Dua Lipa
  8. Jakalope
  9. Joan Jett
  10. Lara Snow
  11. Lindsey Stirling
  12. Madness
  13. Phantom Planet
  14. The Pretty Reckless
  15. Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
  16. Purity Ring
  17. Saint Motel
  18. Taylor Swift
  19. Tony Bennett

Links From The Site:

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  2. Jeff shared music videos from The Smithereens, The Smithereens again, Madness, Blotto, and Madness again!   He reviewed The Dead Don’t Dream, Fury At Gunsight Pass, Experiment Alcatraz, Jack MacCall Desperado, City Limits, Man From Del Rio, and Draw!
  3. I shared music videos from Courtney Barnett and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets!  I reviewed Mangrove!  I paid tribute to Martin Scorsese and shared a scene from Goodfellas!
  4. Ryan reviewed Honeymoon in the Afterlife, Haxan Lane, Fist Raid, and Shov Shov!

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Draw! (1984, directed by Steven Hilliard Stern)

Harry Holland (Kirk Douglas) is an aging cowboy who used to be one of the old west’s more fearsome outlaws.  When the newly reformed Harry wins $200 in a poker game, local weasel Reggie Bell (Derek McGrath) tries to get out of paying him by accusing Harry of cheating.  A gunfight leads to Harry getting wounded, the sheriff accidentally getting killed, and Harry locking himself away in a hotel room with a Shakespearean actress, Bess (Alexandra Bastedo).

Unsure of how to get Harry to leave the hotel room and surrender himself, the townspeople send meek Deputy Wally Boldgett (Graham Jarvis) to track down the legendary lawman Sam Sterrett (James Coburn).  Like Harry, Sam is a veteran gunfighter and if anyone can face down Harry Holland, it’s him!  Unfortunately, as Wally soon discovers, Sam is now an alcoholic who no longer has much interest in enforcing the law on the frontier.

While Wally tries to sober up Sam and deliver him to the town, Harry and Bess remain in the hotel room and fall in love.

Draw! is a light-hearted western comedy.  Though it deals with the classic western theme of aging outlaws trying to find their place in a changing society, Draw! is more interested in laughs than pathos.  Reggie Bell, for instance, is such a weasel that he’s never a credible villain, despite all of the times that he tries to be.  Even once he’s trapped in the hotel room, Harry is never really worried.  Even when the gallows start to go up in the towns square, it’s mostly played for laughs.

The main appeal of this film is to watch two genre vets act opposite of each other and both Kirk Douglas and James Coburn deliver.  The film is split almost evenly between the two actors, with Coburn especially digging into his role.  When he’s first introduced, Sam is so drunk that he can barely see straight and it’s not until he actually reaches the town and pins on his old sheriff’s badge that he starts to straighten up and become the cool and confident James Coburn that we all know.  Coburn does a great job of showing Sam gradually starting to once again care about things like justice and doing the right thing (regardless of what the law says).  Coburn’s laid back style compliments Douglas’s natural intensity.  When Sam and Harry finally speak to each other, their shared history as friends and competitors comes across naturally.

Draw! is both a good western and a showcase for two iconic actors.

Music Video of the Day: The Sun & the Rain (1983, directed by ????)

This is a very British video but then again, Madness is a very British band.

They are also a very underrated band, even in the UK where they’ve been consistently popular since before I was born.  Because the members of Madness often seemed to be having so much fun playing around in their videos and their performances, it was often overlooked just how musically gifted they actually were.  Though the video may feature all of the usual silliness that people had come to expect from Madness, the lyrics of the song are anything but silly.

I have not been able to find a credited director for this video.  Even at the imdb, no one is credited.  I do know that most of Madness’s videos from the early 80s were directed by Dave Robinson and this video looks like his work.  But, until I know for sure, this video was directed by the four question marks.