Lisa’s Week In Review: 11/16/20 — 11/22/20

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!

Here’s what I watched, read, and listened to this week:

Films I Watched:

  1. After (2019)
  2. The Atomic Brain (1964)
  3. Birthmother’s Betrayal (2020)
  4. Book of Monsters (2019)
  5. Code of Silence (1985)
  6. Lone Wolf McQuade (1983)
  7. Mangrove (2020)
  8. People Like Us (1990)
  9. Starcrash (1978)
  10. Valley of the Dolls (1967)
  11. Zandalee (1991)

Television Shows I Watched:

  1. 60 Days In
  2. A Teacher
  3. The Amazing Race 32
  4. B Postitive
  5. The Bachelorette
  6. Bar Rescue
  7. Big Sky
  8. The Brady Bunch
  9. Cheers
  10. Coronation Street
  11. The Crown
  12. Court Cam
  13. Dancing With The Stars
  14. The Dick Van Dyke Shw
  15. The Drew Barrymore Show
  16. Dr. Phil
  17. Fear the Walking Dead
  18. Ghost Whisperer
  19. Happy Days
  20. M*A*S*H
  21. Newhart
  22. The Office
  23. The Powers of Matthew Star
  24. Saved By The Bell: The College Years
  25. The Simpsons
  26. Supernatural
  27. Twilight Zone
  28. The Undoing
  29. The Voice
  30. The Walking Dead: World Beyond
  31. WKRP In Cincinnati

Books I Read:

  1. Dolls!  Dolls!  Dolls! (2020) by Stephen Rebello

Music To Which I Listened:

  1. Big Data
  2. Blanck Mass
  3. Britney Spears
  4. The Chemical Brothers
  5. Courtney Barnett
  6. Dean Martin
  7. Dua Lipa
  8. Jakalope
  9. Joan Jett
  10. Lara Snow
  11. Lindsey Stirling
  12. Madness
  13. Phantom Planet
  14. The Pretty Reckless
  15. Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
  16. Purity Ring
  17. Saint Motel
  18. Taylor Swift
  19. Tony Bennett

Links From The Site:

  1. Erin profiled Freeman Elliott and shared: The Girl in the Black Chemise, She Had What It Takes, Come Be My Slave, Fully Dressed And In His Right Mind, Backwoods Teaser, Bed of an Empress, and Lily in Her Coffin!
  2. Jeff shared music videos from The Smithereens, The Smithereens again, Madness, Blotto, and Madness again!   He reviewed The Dead Don’t Dream, Fury At Gunsight Pass, Experiment Alcatraz, Jack MacCall Desperado, City Limits, Man From Del Rio, and Draw!
  3. I shared music videos from Courtney Barnett and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets!  I reviewed Mangrove!  I paid tribute to Martin Scorsese and shared a scene from Goodfellas!
  4. Ryan reviewed Honeymoon in the Afterlife, Haxan Lane, Fist Raid, and Shov Shov!

More From Us:

  1. For Reality TV Chat Blog, I reviewed The Amazing Race!
  2. Ryan has a patreon!  Consider subscribing!
  3. On my music site, I shared songs from Saint Motel, Jakalope, Big Data, Purity Ring, Phantom Planet, Joan Jett, and The Pretty Reckless!
  4. On her photography site, Erin shared: Forever Happy, Side of Abandoned House, All That Was Left Behind, A Place To Think, Butterfly, The Alley When It Rains, and Campus!

Click here to see what I did last week!

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