Music Video of the Day: Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day) by Madness (1983, directed by Dave Robinson)

Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day) appeared on Madness’s fourth album, The Rise & Fall.  It spent 9 weeks on the British charts, peaking at #8.  Like a lot of Madness songs, it didn’t get as much play in the United States as it did in the UK.  In fact, in the States, Madness was often incorrectly described as being a one-hit wonder by people who were only familiar with Our House.  In fact, Madness is one of the most successful and popular bands to come out of the UK and they’re still performing with six of the seven members of the original line-up.  When you consider the number of line-up changes that most bands go through, that’s more than a little amazing.

Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day) opens with a scene that feels like vintage Madness as two end-of-the-world prophets confront each other on a street corner.  It then segues into several different scenes.  Madness is in jail.  Suggs is trying to get into his house.  At one point, it appears that band is in danger of turning into Alex and his Droogs from A Clockwork Orange.  Suggs has said that, “Madness videos were seven extroverts all mucking about trying to outdo each other,” and that is a good description of what’s going on in a video like this one.

This video was directed by Dave Robinson, who directed several videos for the band.


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