Lifetime Film Review: The Baby Monitor Murders (dir by Danny J. Boyle)

Apple Springs, Washington might seem like a nice little town but appearances can be deceiving.  Mallory Raymond has gone missing and no one can find her.  The local sheriff seems to suspect that her husband, Glenn (Dustin Lloyd). may have had something to do with it.  Meanwhile, Glenn is spending all of his time in the park where Mallory was last seen.  Is he searching for his wife or is he searching for another victim?

While Mallory is busy disappearing, Cassie (Natalie Sharp) is busy returning.  Cassie grew up in Apple Springs and she’s just returned from college.  She thought she was going to get an internship with a music label but that fell through.  Now, it looks like like Cassie is going to have to spend the entire summer stuck at her parent’s house.  That’s fine with her parents, of course.  They’re heading to Paris and they need someone to housesit.

Not wanting to spend another summer working at the local diner, Cassie is very happy when she just happens to run into Chloe Paine (Nicole LaPlaca), a lawyer who is planning on returning to work but who desperately needs someone to look after her daughter, Becca.  Chloe asks Cassie if she wants the job and Cassie accepts.

Soon, Cassie is spending hours a day over at the Paine house, taking care of Becca.  She gets to know Chloe’s husband, the seemingly friendly Tom Paine (Jon Cor).  She also gets to know Glenn, who it turns out just happens to work with Tom.  Cassie can’t help but notice that Tom and Glenn seem to always be arguing about something.

Strange things start to happen.  One night, Cassie is sure that she’s being watched.  Another night, she hears a menacing voice come over the baby monitor but, when she checks out Becca’s room, she doesn’t find anyone there.  And then, much like Mallory before her, Chloe disappears!

Where has Chloe gone?  Has she been kidnapped?  Has she been murdered?  And if that’s the case, who’s responsible?  Is it Tom, the seemingly perfect husband who seems to have a few secrets hiding underneath the friendly surface?  Or is it Glenn, who appears to be obviously unstable but who swears that the only thing he cares about is discovering what happened to his wife?  Even though almost everyone tells Cassie that she should just quit her job and stay away from the Paines, Cassie knows that would mean abandoning Beeca and that’s not something that she’s willing to do….

The Baby Monitor Murders, which initially aired way back in January, was originally entitled The Babysitter and really, that’s a better title for the film.  While the scene with the voice coming over the baby monitor is an undeniably creepy one, it’s also a rather minor one.  The film’s focus is much more on Cassie and her growing realization that she’s found herself in a dangerous and potentially deadly situation.  Natalie Sharp gives a good and sympathetic performance as Cassie, making her devotion to Becca feel believable and, as a result, giving this film a bit more emotional depth than the typical Lifetime film.  The mystery itself is frequently intriguing and you’ll find yourself going back and forth on whether Glenn or Tom is the one who Cassie should be weary of.  All in all, The Baby Monitor Murders is a good Lifetime film that will keep you guessing.

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