The Covers of Science Wonder Stories

The first issue of Science Wonder Stories appeared in 1929.  It was published by Luxembourg-born businessman, Hugo Gernsback.  Along with publishing magazines, Gernsback also owned a radio station and was an amateur inventor.  He was also a tireless supporter of science fiction, arguing that his pulp magazines should be read by students in school because science fiction was educational as well as being entertaining.

Science Wonder Stories was one of the many magazines that Gernsbeck founded.  The first issue was published in 1929 and featured stories and artwork from several pioneers of the science fiction genre.  In 1930, Gernsbeck merged Science Wonder Stories with another magazine, Air Wonder Stories.  The new magazine was called Wonder Stories and ran until 1964.

Below are some of the covers of Science Wonder Stories.  All of these covers were done by Frank R. Paul.

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