Music Video of the Day: Safe Home by Anthrax (2003, directed by Robert Carlsen)

“You have always been my safe home.”

Yes, that is Keanu Reeves walking down a highway medium while Anthrax performs the song in this video.  What is Keanu doing there?  He was a long-time fan of Anthrax and he just happened to be available when this video was being shot.  This video came out while Reeves was still riding high from The Matrix films and it is easy to imagine Neo wandering about aimlessly.  It’s much more difficult to imagine the same thing happening to John Wick, who always has a destination in mind.

Other than the movie star cameo, this is a no frills video from Anthrax, one that lets the music do the talking.  I’m not a huge Anthrax fan but I always appreciate relatively direct videos like this.

This is James Hetfield’s favorite Anthrax song.


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