A Belated (?) Happy Life Day From The Shattered Lens

Happy Life Day!

Now, I know there’s some confusion out there as to when exactly Life Day is celebrated.  Some people say that it’s celebrated on November 17th because that’s the date that The Star Wars Holiday Special premiered way back in 1978.  But listen …. I’ve seen The Holiday Special.  I forced my friends in the Late Night Movie Gang to watch it with me a few years ago and they’ve never forgiven me.  And I can tell you, from having watched it, that Life Day takes place on December 25th.  I mean, it was so obviously an intergalactic version of Christmas that I don’t even know where to start.  November 17th?  No way!  Life Day is December 25th!

And, even if it isn’t — well, isn’t a late holiday greeting better than no holiday greeting at all?

So, while those of us here on Earth celebrate our holidays, other planets are celebrating Life Day and that’s okay.  Vive la différence!

So, to all of our readers who are observing today or who maybe observed back in November or whenever — Happy Life Day from the Shattered Lens!

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