So — Anniversaries : Jonathan Baylis’ “So Buttons” #10

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

Ten years is a pretty healthy amount of time to stick with anything, especially a labor of love that probably doesn’t bring you in much (if any) cash, but comics writer/self-publisher Jonathan Baylis has manged to do just that and the latest issue of his now long-running series, So Buttons #10, marks a decade in the trenches, telling stories about his life, as well as events, people, and places adjacent to it. And whaddya know? It might just be his best to date.

Before we delve into the contents too deeply, it’s probably worth remarking upon the fact that Baylis has proved the naysayers who initially dismissed him as a Harvey Pekar clone wrong — yeah, he does things the way ol’ Harv did, hiring freelance cartoonists to draw his short vignette-style strips, but that’s about where the similarities end, as Baylis has cultivated a voice and perspective all his…

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