Walker Tate Pulls All The Right Strings With “Cloggel”

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

Truth be told, Walker Tate is one of those cartoonists whose would I damn well should have covered by now, but with the release of his latest self-published comic, Cloggel, now’s as good an occasion as any to make up for lost time — and, conveniently enough, for readers new to Tate’s work, this book provides more or less the perfect introduction to his genuinely iconoclastic artistic vision.

No less an authority than Austin English has said that Tate carries on in the tradition of the great John Hankiewicz, and while I’m not here to argue with that, I’d like to point out that his clean-line style and sparse, economic scripting also bring to mind latter-period Ditko, yet if he’s carved something of a middle ground between those two artists, it’s one all his own, as his comics pay not even so much as lip service or a hat-tip…

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