Music Video of the Day: Wheel In The Sky by Journey (1978, directed by ????)

Wheel in the Sky started out as a poem, written by Diane Valory, the wife of Journey bassist Ross Valory.  The poem was re-written by the band’s second lead singer, Robert Fleischman, and guitarist Neal Schon worked out the melody while the band was driving from show to show.

Though Fleischman may have written the lyrics, he had left the band by the time the song was recorded for the Infinity album.  Fleischman’s replacement was Steve Perry, who would go on to become Journey’s best-known (though not final) lead singer.  Wheel in the Sky would be the first Journey single to be released after Perry joined the band and it was also the first first single to chart, reaching #57 in the United States.  It remains one of their most popular songs and it’s also one of the few songs to have been performed by every iteration of Journey.

As was Journey’s style, the video for Wheel In The Sky is a performance clip.  As Steve Perry put it when discussing their later video for Separate Ways, the members of Journey were proud to be musicians and not actors.



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