Music Video of the Day: Wake Up by Hilary Duff (2005, dir by Marc Webb)

When I think back to 2005, it sometimes seems as if every single song released that year was about how difficult it was to be a rich former Disney star.  I know that, technically, that’s just a trick of my memory and there was a wide variety of songs released that year.  But, if you mention 2005 to me, my automatic reaction is going to be to start singing, “People talking …. talking about me …. they think they know me …. they don’t know me….”  Again, that’s not from any specific song.  It just seems that 2005 was the year when everyone was singing about people talking about them.

Then again, I might just be thinking about Hilary Duff’s Wake Up.  Wake Up was promoted as showcasing a totally new sound for the former Lizzie McGuire.  Of course, it really didn’t but I still like the song.  It’s almost a guilty pleasure, to be honest.  I know it’s not exactly a great song but it certainly gets stuck in your head and the lyrics are shallow enough that it’s easy to relate to them.

The video features Hilary going to parties around the world and having a good time.  Basically, the video is shouting, “She’s not just Lizzie McGuire anymore!”  The video was directed by Marc Webb, who later went on to direct the two Spider-Man films that nobody remembers.  He also directed Gifted, which is a film that left me cold but which is loved by a lot of other people.

One fun thing to do with this video is to turn down Hilary’s vocals and replace them with Rebecca Black singing Friday.  Seriously, it works!


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