Artist Profile: George Erickson

Sometimes, when I’m doing these artist profiles, I can find a lot of information about an artist online and sometimes, I can’t.  In the case of George Erickson, most of the information that I found was about a retired dentist and world traveler who just happened to have the same name as the artist.  I also found plenty of information about an illustrator named George Ericson, who usually his signed his work, “Eugene Iverd.”  (A story in the Saturday Evening Post states that he spelled his last name Erickson while Wikipedia spells it without the K.)  Unfortunately, that George Ericson died in 1936 and the covers below were obviously painted in the 1950s.  I don’t know if our George Erickson was related to Ericson/Iverd or if the similarity of their names is just a coincidence.  Beyond his work, the only definite thing that I found out about our George Erickson is that he was born in 1924.

Unlike a lot of artists of the pulp era, it appears that George Erickson regularly signed his name to his work, so at least we can definitely identify which covers were done by him.  Below is a small sampling of his work.  My favorites are The American Dream Girl, The Crooked Man, Like Wild, I’ll Bury My Dead, and A Hero Of Our Time, even if the “hero” looks like he’s being more of a pest than a hero.


Music Video of the Day: Sometimes by Britney Spears (1999, dir by Nigel Dick)

So, this year, Britney Spear’s debut album, ….Baby One More Time, is 20 years old and good people everywhere are celebrating.  Myself, I’m going to be listening to Britney all week and I’m also going to be singing every single song out loud.  I’ll probably end up annoying a lot of people, as that seems to be what happens whenever I loudly sing Britney.  (My sisters claim that, when it comes to singing, I’m borderline tone deaf but I think that’s going a bit too far.  I will, however, admit that my accent probably never sounds more Texan then when I’m singing.)

Anyway, Val has already taken a look at the video for ….Baby One More Time and, yesterday, I featured the video for (You Drive Me) Crazy.  So, it only seems appropriate that today’s music video of the day should be the video for Sometimes, which was the 2nd single to be released off of ….Baby One More Time.

Sometimes finds Britney on the beach, watching as a male model named Chad Cole runs alongside a dog and then stands around tossing a football up in the air.  (Chad Cole is crazy hot in this video, though I have to admit that I’ve always preferred people who spend their time at the beach writing poems about dead trees and industrial pollution.)  Anyway, when Britney isn’t stalking Chad, she’s performing with her back-up dancers.  Everyone’s wearing white, which is not only designed to play up the video’s pure intentions but also makes it seem like everyone in the video came to the beach straight from a Backstreet Boys theme party.

With this video, you can tell that the main aim was to provide a contrast to the sexualized Britney of the ….Baby One More Time video.  In this one, Britney’s dressed in all white and, instead of asking to be “hit” one more time, she’s instead demurely watching the all-American boy from a proper and chaste distance.  This is the Britney who wouldn’t have been out-of-place in one of those sun-drenched, virginity-celebrating beach films from the early 60s.  “Fear not, moral guardians,” this video announces, “our Britney is a good girl!”

Interestingly enough, the video’s original concept was that Britney would be looking the beach and having flashbacks to a past relationship.  However, in the video that was actually shot, the idea is that Britney is looking to the future, thinking about the perfect relationship that she’ll someday have.