Here’s The Trailer For The Isle!

It’s always a bit difficult to judge whether a film is going to be good based on its trailer.  There have been great films that have had boring trailers.  There’s been some really bad films that had great trailers.  Just recently, I was way excited to see White Boy Rick, because the trailer was so good.  And then I finally saw the movie and bleh.  It was bland.  It was boring.  These things happen.

At the same time, I was also really excited to see American Hustle, again based on the trailer.  And then I saw it and I loved the movie even more than the trailer!  So, those things happen, too!

With that in mind, though, I do have to say that I really liked the trailer for The Isle.  As you can see by watching it below, the trailer is full of atmosphere and hints that this could be a well-done, dreamlike horror film.  The trailer itself tosses about comparisons to The Wicker Man and The Witch and, from what they included in the trailer, I can kind of see it.  I can also see possible hints of A Field In England, which is also a good thing!

So, with that in mind, here’s the trailer for The Isle.  I like it!

Music Video of the Day: Love Me Back by Ritual feat. Tove Styrke (2019, dir by ????)

This is another of those videos that I like specifically because it’s totally surreal and how you interpret it will probably depend on what type of mood you’re in when you view it.

Is this video about being trapped?

Is this video about breaking free?

Is this video about the sad face starting at you from the wall?

Is it about longing or is it about being owned?

That’s up to you to decide.  I just like the idea of everyone being stuck in a mentally-projected maze.  Whenever I see a video that featured an overhead shot of a maze, I’m reminded of one of my favorite scenes from The Shining, the one where Jack stares down at a model of the Overlook’s famous hedge maze while Danny and Wendy wander through the real maze.  Briefly, it appears as if Wendy and Danny are actually in the model.  Who knows, maybe they are?

Mazes are a great metaphor for …. well, just about everything!  There’s very little in life that can’t be represented by a maze.  Of course, in The Shining, the maze represented not only Jack’s twisted mind but also the way that time inside the Overlook twists back in on itself.