Music Video of the Day: Chlorine by twenty one pilots (2019, dir by Reel Bear Media)

I like this video.

When it starts you think it’s just going to be another suburban sprawl video, with the ennui-stricken kids and the empty swimming pools and the workaholic father and the pill-popping moms.  And I’ve got nothing against existential dread but, when the video started, I wasn’t expecting this to be anything that I hadn’t seen before.

And then Ned showed up.

Ned is the little alien thing who is watching Tyler and Josh while they’re cleaning the pool.  It’s really impossible not to love Ned.  I mean, Ned is adorable!  And the way that Ned comes out of hiding and then quickly ducks back into hiding reminds me of the way Doc acts whenever he’s playing with me or Erin.  Of course, Doc doesn’t like water so he probably wouldn’t be near a pool.  Doc’s thing is to get underneath the couch and then try to grab you whenever you walk by.  I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve fallen asleep on the floor, just to wake up with Doc trying to pull my hair out of my head.

Anyway, Ned is obviously pretty picky about what type of water it’ll dive into and that’s probably a good thing.  A friend of mine once swam in a pool that hadn’t been properly cleaned and her eyes were so bloodshot afterward that I basically had to stop being her friend until they cleared up.  They were like seriously freaking me out.

I love the closing shot of this video.  Ned and Tyler, hanging out in the swimming pool.


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