Music Video of the Day: I Wanna Sex You Up by Color Me Badd (1991, directed by ????)

For today’s music video of the day, we have the song that was ranked #40 on Blender’s list of the 50 Worst Songs Ever.  From Color Me Badd (which I guess earned that extra d by being extra bad), here’s I Wanna Sex You Up.

Let’s break it down.

0:01 — “To the tick tock ya don’t stop” is sampled from La Di Da Di by Doug E. Fresh.

0:03 — Now, we meet the band, who appear to be Kenny G and his roadies.

0:15 — Kenny G and the boys, out for a stroll.

0:22 — “Yes, I will watch my video cassettes.”  Are we watching Swedish porn now?

0:32 — This song was released in 1991, coming at the tail end of late 80s pop but before the start of the grunge revolution.

0:41 — “We’re dancing and we’re spinning!  And now, we’re spinning and we’re dancing!”

0:47 — When listening to the vocals, take a moment to consider that this song came out the same year as Smells Like Teen Spirit and you’ll understand why Nirvana saved the music industry from itself.

0:55 — Kenny G. proves the chivalry is not dead.

1:09 — “Did I ever tell you guys my limo story?”

1:32 — 1991 was also the year that Anita Hill accused her former boss, Clarence Thomas, of sexual harassment.

1:39 — “Are you guys sure you don’t want to hear my limo story?”

1:47 — Kenny G’s trapped in an elevator!

2:16 — The community college art show is always the perfect place to pick up chicks.

2:20 — Meanwhile, Kenny G is still trapped in the elevator.

2:31 — “Doesn’t anyone want to hear about my limo ride?  Anyone?”

2:42 — Where’s your sax now, Kenny?

2:54 — She secretly taped them!?  Where are they, Russia!?

2:58 — She’s not the most discreet voyeur.

3:08 — “Come on, guys!  Just like we practiced!”

3:12 — Kenny G doesn’t need his sax to make beautiful music.

3:17 — Vladimer will be pleased.

3:28 — Woo ew ooo ew!

3:48 — “Nirvana?  What’s that?”

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