Get Ready To Celebrate Independence Day With “American” Pulp!

Get ready to celebrate the 4th of July with this collection of “American” pulp!

Unknown Artist

Unknown Artist

by Frank Kelly Freas

Unknown Artist

by James Trombata

Unknown Artist

by Barye Phillips

by J. Oval

by V.E. Pike

by Walter Baumhofer

Unknown Artist


On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: Errol Flynn in THE SEA HAWK (Warner Brothers 1940)

cracked rear viewer

Warner Brothers pulled out all the stops for their 1940 epic THE SEA HAWK. There’s dashing Errol Flynn swashbuckling his way across the Silver Screen once again, the proverbial cast of thousands, high seas action, romance, political intrigue, superb special effects, and a spirited score by Erich Wolfgang Korngold. The only thing missing that could’ve possibly made this movie better is Technicolor, but since Jack and his bros had already spent $1.7 million (equivalent to almost thirty million today) to produce it, why quibble?

Flynn is in fine form as privateer Geoffrey Thorpe, captain of the pirate ship Albatross, in service to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I. When they attack and plunder a Spanish ship carrying Ambassador Don Alvarez de Cordoba and his beautiful niece Maria, Captain Thorpe is reprimanded and told to lay off the Spanish. Spain, however, is building up their Armada with world conquest in mind, and…

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Happy American Redneck Day from Gretchen Wilson!

My father’s family is from South Carolina, my mother’s from Massachusetts, which makes me half Redneck, half Yankee, and 100% American! Since Lisa has already let us know today is American Redneck Day, let’s celebrate with Gretchen Wilson doing her 2004 country music hit, “Redneck Woman”:

Happy American Redneck Day, y’all! Now somebody give me a Hell Yeah!


Music Video of the Day: Redneck Yacht Club by Craig Morgan (2005, dir by ????)

Apparently, today is American Redneck Day.  That’s one of those holidays that I didn’t even know existed until I came across it on a fun little site called Checkiday.

Now, myself, I’m not a redneck.  Neither is Erin.  But we’ve got enough rednecks in our family that I think we’ve both earned the right to take off work and celebrate this holiday.  I’m not sure how exactly one celebrates American Redneck Day, to be honest.  I’ll probably listen to All Summer Long once or twice and maybe I’ll watch some YouTube videos of people shooting beer cans.  That should be fun.

Anyway, this video is called Redneck Yacht Club and it really makes me want to go up to the lake this weekend.