The Covers of Strange Detective Mysteries

Welcome to the world of Strange Detective Mysteries!  Published from 1937 to 1943, Strange Detective Mysteries featured bizarre crime fighters (like Captain Satan) solving bizarre and often supernatural mysteries!  Below are just a few covers from Strange Detective Mysteries.  When known, the artist has been credited.

by Clifford Benton

by John Newton Howitt

Music Video of the Day: Outside by Aaron Lewis featuring Fred Durst (2000, directed by ????)

Today’s music video of the day comes from the era when it was believed that all good music had to be depressing as hell.  I can still remember those days back in 2000, driving around Baltimore with my friends.  Whenever this song came on the radio, everyone would fall silent and listen to every single lyric.  They were deep, man.  And we were deep because we could appreciate them.

The majority of this video was filmed in Biloxi, Mississippi during the 1999 Family Values Tour.  When Staind’s Aaron Lewis took the stage to perform a solo, he decided to play a song that he was still in the process of writing.  That song was Outside and Lewis finished the lyrics while performing them.

So, what is Fred Durst doing there?  It’s easy to forget what a big deal Durst and Limp Bizkit were back in the day.  In 1999, along with helping to destroy Woodstock ’99, Limp Bizkit headlined the Family Values tour.  When Outside first started to get radio airplay, it was often promoted as being a Fred Durst song, despite the fact that Durst contributed little beyond “This is the real motherfucking deal, y’all,” and “I’m feeling those lighters.”  As easy as it is to disparage Durst’s contributions, his presence in the video undoubtedly helped it to achieve frequent play on MTV2.

A studio version of Outside was later included on Staind’s second album, Break the Cycle.