There’s A New Kid in Town: RETRO FAN Magazine

cracked rear viewer

I frequent a place called Newsbreak, which has virtually every type of magazine you could ever ask for, from your tried-and-true legacy mags (TIME, PEOPLE, READER’S DIGEST) to the more esoteric (dedicated to things like raising chickens, bluegrass music, and mysticism). There are a few I pick up on a regular basis, mainly dealing with old movies: FILMS OF THE GOLDEN AGE, SHOCK CINEMA, and PHANTOM OF THE MOVIES’ VIDEOSCOPE, (along with my monthly fix of REASON, the magazine of libertarian thought). While browsing last week, I came across something new – the 1st issue of RETRO FAN, published by TwoMorrows, who are also responsible for publications like ALTER EGO (covering the Golden Age of Comics and edited by Roy Thomas), BACK ISSUE ( Bronze Age Comics), and JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR (’nuff said!).

The animated crew of The Enterprise

RETRO FAN is for people interested in pop culture past, and…

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Happy Friday the 13th From The Shattered Lens!

Happy Friday the 13th from the Shattered Lens!

This is the second Friday the 13th of 2018!

What does that mean?

It means that today is going to be even more unlucky than the previous Friday the 13th!  You know what that means!  Don’t walk under ladders!  Respect black cats, even more than usually do!  If you break a mirror, give up all hope!  If you’re camping in the woods, listen to crazy old Ralph or Eustace or Earl or whoever the local weirdo may be!  No late night naked swimming!  No running around in the rain in your underwear!  No comments about how life’s too short!  No drugs!  No sex!  No fun of any kind!

I know, I know.  We all like to live dangerously but if all of our readers die, who will be around to read the site?  Think about it!

Anyway, have a happy and safe Friday the 13th!  And remember the human-turned-zombie who made this holiday famous.  Today is his birthday…

Eurocomics Spotlight : “The Strange”

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

Namelessness. Anonymity. Invisibility.

For the protagonist in Jerome Ruillier’s new Drawn+Quarterly-published graphic novel, The Strange, these three things are inextricably linked — and while all of them are, to one degree or another, imposed upon him by society and circumstance, the first two are undeniably de-humanizing (even if, fair enough, he’s a dog), while the third is key to, if not his freedom, at least his continued survival in the country he is attempting to scratch out a subsistence-level “living” in.

And sticking with the theme of anonymity, it permeates this book throughout : not only is its central character never saddled with a name, neither are the countries of his birth and residence. This could be happening anywhere. To any immigrant.

Ah, yes — immigration. As far as issues go, they don’t come much more timely and topical than that, do they? In the last few years, as…

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