Music Video of the Day: Ridin’ The Rails by Johnny Cash (1974, dir by Nicholas Webster)

When I saw The Commuter at the Alamo Drafthouse yesterday, this video was shown as a part of the pre-show.  It’s actually taken from a 1974 ABC special, Ridin’ The Rails: The Great American Train Story.  Apparently, the entire special was Johnny Cash riding trains across America, while singing some of his favorite train-related songs.

I imagine that it was ultimately meant to be something of a commercial for Amtrak, which was only 3 years old when Ridin’ The Rails aired.  Myself, I’ve always found trains to be very romantic and one of my most beloved memories of Italy is riding the train into and from Venice.  I’ve never been on Amtrak, though.  I guess that’s because I’m a Southern girl and, down here, we love our cars too much to ever ride a train.

(I do remember, a few years back, watching a bunch of people from up North having a televised conniption over how little we care about Amtrak in the South.  It struck me as being kinda weird and petty but anyway…)

Ridin’ The Rails was directed by Nicholas Webster.  If that name sounds familiar, that might be because Webster also directed my favorite Christmas movie, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians!


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