Music Video of the Day: Stockholm Syndrome by Muse (2003, directed by Thomas Kirk)

Hi, everyone!

I have to admit that one reason why I picked this video for today’s music video of the day is because there’s really not a whole much to say about it.  I’m running a bit behind tonight, which tends to happen during the holidays.  I still haven’t even watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead!  So, by necessity, I have to pick a video that’s fairly straight-forward.

I also have to admit that this is definitely a case where I like the song a lot more than video.  Along with Jakalope, Coldplay, The Chemical Brothers, and Sleigh Bells, Muse is one of my go-to bands whenever I need writing music.  I’ll be listening to Muse tonight as I try to get caught up.  I love this song but the video hurts my eyes.  The infrared filter is effective when used sparingly but, after five minutes of it, my eyes start to water.


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