“Deadman” Walking

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

“But he SUCCEEDED, you fools! I’m DEAD! THAT’S why he must be punished! BECAUSE HE SUCCEEDED!”

“THIS — it’s ALMOST funny — when you think of it — HA HA — it’s silly — really.”

“GORDON? How did you survive the fall? ” “Good nutrition. Regular bowel movements. What do you use?”

“So — the sensei killed you not, swine. I knew it!”

Oh, yeah — dialogue that cringe-worthy can only mean one thing : Neal Adams is back!

Not content that his brand of narrative insanity has been well-represented enough in recent years with the flat-out indescribable Batman Odyssey and Superman : The Coming Of The Supermen, the one-time master is back, and back on one of his signature characters no less, in the new six-part Deadman mini-series from DC. You know what that means, right? Buckle in, because this shit is gonna get nuts.

Heck, truth be…

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