Music Video of the Day: Get It On (Bang A Gong) by The Power Station (1985, dir. Peter Heath)

I think I’ve only spotlighted one other supergroup before. That group being Temple Of The Dog. The Power Station was made up of Robert Palmer, John Taylor & Andy Taylor from Duran Duran, and Tony Thompson & Bernard Edwards from Chic. The song is a cover of T-Rex’s song Get It On (Bang A Gong).

I don’t really know what director Peter Heath was going for here. Perhaps he foresaw that four years later he would make the music video for Roxette’s The Look. They have similar sets, and there’s even a toilet like Marie Fredriksson would sing on near the end of the music video for The Look. It does has the appearance of a collage that you would see in other 80’s music videos. The bright colors evoke Duran Duran videos.

I do know what the music video for Some Like It Hot was going for. That becomes clear when somebody tells you that the model in the video is Caroline Cossey who is intersex and identifies as a woman. To my knowledge, this is isn’t her in this music video. However, it was obviously shot around the same time, so perhaps that was what they were shooting for along with the apocalypse of the nuclear family thing. I’m pretty sure that’s even Palmer in the beauty-parlor/barber seat at the end.

I love how Palmer is barely shown, has little to no interaction with anyone else, and is either screened in or only shown in cutaways. That’s something to always keep in mind when watching music videos with Robert Palmer. He did not like making them, and it shows–even in Addicted To Love.

Sara Carlson is the dancer in this music video. She was also one of the dancers in Love Is A Battlefield by Pat Benatar.

Fred Potter produced the music video.

That’s it! I just wanted to remind people this group was a thing because I only remember hearing about them once when I was a kid.


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