METEOR is a Crashing Bore (AIP 1979)

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American-International Pictures had gotten pretty fancy-schmancy by the late 70’s. The studio was leaving their exploitation roots behind and branching out to bigger budgeted films like FORCE TEN FROM NAVARONE, LOVE AT FIRST BITE, and THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, with bigger name stars for marquee allure. Toward the end of 1979 they released METEOR, a $16 million dollar, star-studded, special-effects laden, sci-fi/ disaster film spectacle that bombed at the box-office and contributed to the company’s demise.


Coming at the tail end of the disaster cycle, METEOR is formulaic as hell. Take a group of well-known stars (Sean Connery, Natalie Wood , Karl Malden , Brian Keith , Martin Landau, Henry Fonda ), give them a disastrous menace to combat (in this case a five-mile wide meteor hurtling toward Earth), add some conflict (US/USSR Cold War relations), and some scenes of destruction, and voila! instant disaster movie! Unfortunately, by 1979 audiences had already grown tired…

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When You Say “The Watchers : The Beginning Of Sorrows” You’ve Said A Mouthful

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From what I can tell, “micro-budget” writer/director/producer Ryan Callaway is a pretty cool cat. Sure, you could argue that I’m biased toward any and all “Ryan C.”s in the world, but seriously — when I wrote a middling review of his film The Girl In The Cornfield a couple weeks back, he was not only gracious about it, he actually went so far as to engage in that rarest of internet rarities with me afterwards : a respectful and productive conversation that acknowledged his flick’s strengths and weaknesses in a manner that showed he harbored no ill will towards me for not showering his efforts with unmitigated praise. Granted, my appraisal was hardly negative on the whole, but ya know what? I get the distinct impression that even if it had been, he would’ve been okay with that, too — and in a world where far too many backyard Burtons…

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“Hawkeye” #1 Aims For A Fresh Start

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A few weeks back, we took a look at what Marvel was doing with the “classic” Clint Barton iteration of Hawkeye in the pages of Occupy Avengers #1, but Clint’s not the only archer at loose ends in the MU these days — his protege/successor/sidekick, Kate Bishop, is on her own on the West Coast and finally ready to step out of her mentor’s currently-troubled shadow after playing second-fiddle to him in the last three (Jesus, guys, seriously?) Hawkeye series by starring in her own solo book. And since a year apparently can’t go by without a new Hawkeye #1, December 2016 sees our annual quota met with the first issue of Kate’s new title courtesy of writer Kelly Thompson, artist Leonardo Romero, and colorist Jordie Bellaire. But does it hit the mark?


Based on what’s on offer here, I’m pleased to answer that question with an enthusiastically tentative (how’s…

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Music Video of the Day: Dangerous by Big Data ft. Joywave (2014, dir. Brandon LaGanke & John Carlucci)

I’ve sat through a bunch of paranoia “documentaries”/propaganda, movies where somebody thinks they are the first person to discover the sky is blue, and watched too many reviews of Internet horror films this year. In particular, I remember one piece of propaganda masquerading as a documentary on Netflix that said if you take your kid down the cereal aisle, then it is like shooting heroin into their veins. As a result, I am pretty apathetic about this music video.

At the end of the day, it’s well-done. There is another version of this music video that uses the Unfriended (2014) screenshare-style that even references Chatroulette in 2014 like that movie did. I prefer that version. I think it’s more clever and to the point.

I think films like this are counterproductive, but if are going to watch it, then download it so you can look at it more carefully. They stuck in some Easter eggs that you are likely to miss if you can’t take it frame-by-frame. YouTube just doesn’t have that kind of fine-grain control. A couple of examples are the board they are writing on that says “Sustainable Earth” at the top of it and the actual words on the notepad that the guy is drawing a penis on.

I wish I had more to say. It’s one of those things that you’ll either love or think is pretentious garbage. There isn’t much middle ground in my opinion aside from appreciating the attention to detail that went into making it.

The directors of this music video are probably best known for their pornographic music video they did for Taggart And Rosewood called Drone Boning that was shot using a drone. It earned them a nomination at the SXSW Film Festival.