People of Earth, Past, Present, and Future – Season 1 Episode 4; ALT Title: Flashbacks and You!


You must believe the hype!  You have to watch People of Earth or ALL of Santa’s Reindeer will become a delicious sausage!  You were warned!  There’s even a awesomeballs 8-Bit Video Game!

We learn about Gina in this episode and it is awesome!  This episode is especially well-crafted by Emily Heller.

Gina is being examined by Scroty and LOTR-Guy with “Do it to me one more time” in the BG.  Scroty leans in and says, “You are special.” Gina responds- BULLSHIT!!!

We smash cut to Crate & Barrelish, where Gina is zoned out in her flashback because her abduction theme song is playing, which triggered her flashback.  I have flashbacks from the Army every now and again and Emily Heller is not that far off.  Anything can trigger them. 

Ozzie is trying yoga to relax, but it fails.  He pays rent and goes to work and has an ancient computer.  He has an equally ancient co-worker who asks him if he misses his old job, which triggers a flashback.  This is an especially cool flashback because it show Jon’s fatherly love for Ozzie as he tries to literally make him eat his vegetables in blended form.  AWWWW.

Jonathan is ordered to have a donut, which is Alien for calling him out onto the carpet for a reaming by a supervisor Reptilian.  What is truly awesome about the supervisor’s office is that it, like the Alien’s mission, is ramshackle!  The aliens, like us, are mediocre.  Supervisor insists that if he doesn’t put a stop to Ozzie’s abduction exploration; they will “handle” it.  All the alien’s speak in corporate-ease.

Ennis shows up at Crate and Barrelish for Gina’s help, triggering another flashback.

The Past: Gina was hot shot Upper West Side psychotherapist.  Gina specializes into getting people to face their fear.  Brian, a patient, is scared of heights and is a Fear of Commitment (FOC).  Gina demands that he skydive with his girlfriend to save his relationship.  She convinces Brian to jump.  SMASH CUT: Brian’s funeral.  This sends Gina into a spiraling downward booze-filled depression.

Jonathan goes to Ozzie’s workplace.  He walks with him and explains that he will buy the local paper.  They run into Richard and Gerry.  Gerry misjudges Jonathan as a human.  Jonathan knows all about Richard’s business, which is a great callback to the earlier comment to the Pilot where Richard says that his bosses were reptilians!  I told you that you needed to take adderall to catch all the jokes and references! YOU WERE WARNED!

Flashback: Gina’s depression continues.  She shuts down her practice and moves to Beacon.  Then, she gets abducted and has such low-self esteem that her reaction to being told that she is special is to respond with… BULLSHIT!  Survivor’s remorse….IT IS A BITCH!

Gina’s abduction experience snaps her depression and gets her into helping others who have suffered the same fate by starting Starcrossed.

Jonathan buys the paper and upgrades it, thinking that his presence will drive Ozzie out of town.  It doesn’t.  Instead of driving Ozzie away, it triggers another memory of Jonathan putting on his human face.  So, Jonathan is Ozzie’s …Dad, maybe?

Ozzie returns to Starcrossed and engages with the group as part of their tribe.  *sniff*

Ozzie decides to investigate Jonathan to prove that Aliens are among us and, in some cases, employ us.

Almost forgot, the credits have another amazing song!!!

Once again, gentle-readers, if you like my reviews, tell my boss Lisa Marie Bowman! This show delivers every week.  It is the funniest and most immersive show on television. Period.  No Shit, Legit!



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