Channel Zero, “Welcome Home” Season 1, Ep 6; ALT Title: So … Very … Boring.


It has finally happened: Channel Zero is over (for now)!

Mike is laying in bed with Eddie- the evil one – and Eddie is …. reading a book about Long John Silver?!  Whatever!  Then, Eddie shoves a tooth hand into his mouth, symbolizing possession or some really sloppy dentistry work.

Mike wakes and asks his mom, in a clunky way, to kill him when he’s possessed.

Amy and Gary are looking for Tooth Teacher and they see her… and stabby kids.  Gary sees his kids and convinces them not to kill anyone.  We have to assume that because the children to not respond to him, stare dumbly, and don’t stab him. This show is really going out with a whimper.

Amy finds the evil Winnebago AND…Nothing happens.

Mike decides to meet Eddie because he wants his daughter back and to discuss why Long John Silver got into franchise restaurants.

Mike passes out next to his daughter.

Mike goes into Eddie’s evil reality, which looks a lot like a poorly constructed middle-school drama set.  Mike sees a monster we learn is called “Skin Taker”.  Skin Taker smashes against the wall in a very A-Ha “Take on Me” way …for some reason.  Eddie releases Lilly.

We also learn by a TON OF EXPOSITION:  1) Eddie is the tooth monster, 2)can’t appear in human form because he needs a body, 3)the skin taker is part of him … like they’re totally BFF and everything, 4)Eddie wants to kill children, 5) he wants to pose as Mike to kill children, 6) he uses a TV as a portal into the real world, and 7) he’s REALLY into decoupage!  Just before Eddie is about to go on a rampage, he convinces his brother to play War to stall him.

Mike’s mom looks for Mike and runs into Tooth Teacher.  They fight.  Mike’s Mom wins with help from Amy (Amy shoots Tooth Teacher).

Mikes mom suffocates the passed out Mike, killing him.  This prevents Eddie from entering our world.  Mike now has to hang with his brother for eternity.  Upside: everytime Eddie tries to restart the show’s signal, Mike turns it off.  Way to go MIKE!

That’s it!  WOOHOO!!!


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